Talking about the Trend of Personalization and Taste Design of Home Office Furniture


With the development and progress of society, people regard work and life as an increasingly important part of daily life. With the development of office management methods and office methods, office methods are constantly changing, and the development and changes of office methods also affect home office. The evolution of furniture. From personal office to open office, from individual work to team work, from fixed seat to mobile office, from craftsman technology to mechanical mass production, from traditional furniture to system furniture, the design ideas of modern home office furniture are gradually subverting the tradition Thinking about home office furniture. In the design of home office furniture, it is very necessary to focus on the characteristics of their crowd, their expectations for the office environment, and how to realize home office furniture to meet their needs for discussion and analysis.

The appearance quality that highlights the status and grade, various humanized and technological functions, and convenient and fast office equipment play a vital role in improving office efficiency. Middle and senior executives have independent office space. As the office environment tends to be modernized, they not only require high-efficiency and inspirational home office furniture to match it; they also need an office environment with an international perspective, with lofty goals and the spirit of constantly challenging themselves. At the same time, it is hoped that the office environment will present a unique and personalized sense of fashion design. The primary function of home office furniture is to help improve work efficiency. Therefore, only by mastering the design trends of home office furniture and the trend of the times in home office furniture design can we fundamentally design home office furniture with the characteristics of the times to meet the needs of contemporary people. All kinds of high demands on office life.

As a part of people's work and life, home office furniture should meet the requirements of comfort, leisure and ecology. Therefore, in the design of home office furniture, it is necessary to rely on ergonomics and adopt aesthetic design and color design. All kinds of new environmental protection materials and advanced processing technology embody the humanization principle and environmental protection concept for office workers into the design of home office furniture, so as to continuously expand the design and development space of home office furniture. On the premise of meeting the functional requirements, the aesthetic modeling rules should be applied to make the function and form harmonious. Find a new positioning from the characteristics of the times, and the shape design emphasizes the comfort of people.

With the change of office space and office environment, the design of home office furniture pursues individuality and taste, so it is necessary to consider some personal style, taste and refined design. The shape of home office furniture is becoming more and more practical, artistic, and sculptural. In terms of color and material, materials of different colors and textures are used together to give full play to the performance and structural characteristics of the material, showing the inherent shape of the material. , color, quality of the true colors, in order to form a strong contrast. The shape of home office furniture tends to be fast, convenient and diversified to meet the faster and faster pace of people's work and life.

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