About the composition and configuration requirements of hotel room furniture


Hotel furniture is a hotel project, and the matching design of the hotel project and the indoor environment needs to directly consider the harmony between the indoor function and the environment. In addition, according to the different star requirements and standards, the style requirements are different. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture, etc.

Types of hotel room furniture: Hotel business suites Hotel room furniture is divided into standard suite furniture, business suite furniture, and presidential suite furniture according to different room specifications. Here we focus on hotel room furniture, which accounts for the most important proportion of hotel furniture. Classification of hotel room furniture: Hotel furniture can be divided into movable furniture and fixed furniture.

It generally consists of the following components: hotel bed sets, dressing tables, bedside cabinets, luggage cabinets, TV cabinets, leisure chairs, coffee table tops, etc. The wardrobe is generally completed on-site by the decoration company. The standard suite furniture of a five-star hotel is generally the furniture configuration of an index double (standard double room).

The main reason for placing two beds is that among the guests staying in the hotel, if there are an even number of guests, couples only account for a small proportion, and more are colleagues, friends, non-married travel group friends, and non-married relatives , such as father and son. They usually need to sleep in separate beds. And even couples, some like to sleep in separate beds.

Therefore, placing two single beds of about 1.2 meters is more universal, which is called the standard. However, many hotels also have double bed rooms for husband and wife, and only a large bed of about 1.5 to 2 meters is placed. The so-called standard room refers to the supporting facilities in the room, which should have: a double bed or two single beds, color TV, toothbrush towels for two people, toilet, shower including 24-hour hot water, simple tea set.

This is the most common standard room. If it has a "star" grade, all these facilities will also be upgraded with the increase of the "star". Supporting facilities will not increase. The size of the standard room can be large or small, there is no regulation.

Only supporting facilities are certain. The basic size mm (appearance size and function size) of hotel furniture, whether it is the determination of appearance size or function size, mainly comes from ergonomics, based on the consideration of the safety, comfort and health of users in the process of work and life. And experience, in this regard, there are not only people's long-term accumulation, but also the guidance and restrictions of national and industry standards. Therefore, the customization of hotel furniture needs to be based on the space size of the hotel suite in order to make a suitable furniture configuration for the hotel suite furniture design.

The hotel decoration room furniture customization has the following principles. The design and style of hotel furniture must have a professional design team to save costs for the hotel. The materials for hotel room furniture are generally divided into melamine board, density board, and solid wood multi-layer board. These three boards must be E0 grade environmental protection board. The paint effect of the hotel guest room furniture should also achieve the process of environmental protection paint with five bottoms and three sides. It is necessary to make piano paint.

The hotel furniture is packaged and shipped, and the size and fabric color are checked for complete delivery.

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