Analysis on the Development of Humanized Home Office Furniture Design Market


The comfort of the office environment will affect people's work efficiency and physical and mental health. In the fast-paced working atmosphere of the city, the humanization of home office furniture will allow office workers to enjoy relaxation. Humanized sales have great advantages for home office furniture or the entire furniture industry. Home office furniture marketing needs to focus on humanization.

Although the home office furniture industry is facing challenges and reshuffles, there are still many home office furniture brands, and the main ones are large and medium brands. Consumers still have a lot of choices in the market. According to market research, many brands of home office furniture have made profits in the past 15 years, and they are not as bad as the society says. However, it is a fact that the market has deteriorated. How should home office furniture manufacturers respond? The development of the Internet has given an opportunity, but one of the shortcomings of the Internet is the experience problem.

Social groups are changing, 80s and 90s have gradually become the main body, and this group of people happens to be the group in the era of Internet development. This group is more pursuing life and experience. In view of such attributes, the home office furniture industry needs to pay attention to the humanization and personalization of product design.

The situation that home office furniture has products and stores no longer exists. It is necessary to grasp the pain points of consumers' needs in order to obtain greater benefits. First of all, we sell home office furniture to people, who have experience and pursuit. The design of an office chair contains great humanity, because in daily life, office hours occupy most of the time, and the office chair is a fashionable home office furniture that has been used all the time, and it determines the health of the user.

Therefore, in sales, this can be used as a pain point to draw customers' trust closer. Ergonomics can no longer meet the needs of customers, only more functions and more convenience can be met, such as: automatic office chairs. Just imagine how convenient it is to automatically reset messy conference chairs with just one movement.

There is also an automatic adjustment sensing device for high-end home office furniture, which can automatically adjust the seat height and backrest tilt angle by sensing the weight and height of the daily user. Etc. More designs and more convenience can greatly increase the value of the product.

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