Basic requirements for healthy home office furniture


Today's white-collar workers are most troubled by sub-health problems. In fact, the problem of sub-health has a great relationship with the choice of home office furniture, because white-collar workers use home office furniture the most every day; in addition to sub-health, the carcinogenic problem of formaldehyde that many people are concerned about is also very important. So what is healthy home office furniture? The editor of the home office furniture manufacturer tells you that home office furniture that can alleviate or even solve sub-health problems is healthy home office furniture.

White-collar workers have been using fashionable home office furniture for a long time, and their sitting posture and range of activities are very limited. Sometimes when you sit down, you don’t move around for an hour, so the choice of office chairs is particularly important. When purchasing office chairs, you need to choose ergonomic chairs, which can greatly improve the comfort during use. At the same time, it is very necessary to increase the waist support, brain support, armrest height and so on.

High-quality high-end home office furniture can more disperse the gravity of the human body during work, and will not be too concentrated on the shoulders, waist, abdomen and other parts. Coupled with walking after proper work, light exercise can greatly reduce the occurrence of sub-health. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen, and the smell of paint can cause respiratory diseases, so pay attention to the purchase of home office furniture made of high-quality boards. Desks and executive desks release the most formaldehyde and paint.

Generally, the executive desk will choose to use MDF to make it. E0-grade MDF is the highest grade, and the amount of formaldehyde release is very small. The lower the quality of the board, the more formaldehyde will be released, and the greater the impact on the human body. The plastic board material is generally used in the production of filing cabinets and staff desks. The formaldehyde content of home office furniture rubber board materials is relatively high, because the offset board needs to use a lot of glue for bonding.

The editor of Shanghai home office furniture suggests that in the purchasing process, choose home office furniture manufacturers with good edge banding technology to purchase. Tight sealing can greatly reduce the release rate of formaldehyde and keep a safe concentration in the air. Choosing healthy home office furniture is the responsibility of employees. Healthy home office furniture can greatly improve the office efficiency of employees.

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