Choose good hotel furniture to create a comfortable living experience


Choose good hotel furniture to create a comfortable living experience, and gradually penetrate into any corner of the sales market with experiential marketing methods. The arrival of the era of experience economy has far-reaching impact on enterprises, the most important of which lies in the marketing concept of enterprises. It is necessary to redefine consumers' senses, emotions, thinking, etc., break through the traditional assumption of "rational consumers", and believe that consumers are both rational and emotional when they consume. Experience is the key to corporate brand management.

Therefore, for art hotels, the design of furniture is an important part of hotel interior design. Among them, the guest room furniture has the longest contact time with the guests, so practicality, comfort and aesthetics are essential. A big part of hotel room design is the design of hotel interior furniture.

Furniture design is not only for viewing, but also for the most comfortable living experience for occupants. For a long time, hotel furniture has played a decisive role in the success of a room design. The different additional functions of the furniture will also make the space more flexible and vivid, making up for the lack and limitations of the space.

Good furniture design is not only consistent with the style of the space in form, but also fully integrated with the emotion of the space in terms of connotation. Furniture is an object closely related to various activities of people. Therefore, designers need to integrate practicality throughout the entire home design process.

The second is the decoration of hotel furniture. Furniture plays an important role in creating an indoor atmosphere and improving the artistic effect. A good piece of furniture can not only give people a feeling of relaxation, but also make people feel the beauty of the furniture visually. Practicality and decoration are not the only characteristics of hotel furniture.

We need to achieve a certain balance, especially in public areas, use different decorations, certain colors to create different senses of space, different materials and different scenes, furniture will show different effects and atmospheres. Principles of hotel furniture custom design Safety: Hotel furniture should pay attention to the safety of home life in the design, and safety factors must be given priority. Hotel furniture designers should not only choose environmentally friendly materials and design safe and healthy hotel furniture, but also fully consider fire prevention, theft prevention, and injury prevention.

In order to protect the elderly, children, and the disabled from harm, non-slip floor tiles should be used in the bathroom, and handrails should be set. Vision, choose anti-theft doors and windows, through a series of protective measures designed to ensure safe application: maximize the use of the function of the guest room. Hotel furniture design hopes to adjust the limited spatial relationship to the most satisfactory level to design a functional living layout. The relationship between people and people, people and things, people and the environment must be correctly handled.

Hotel furniture should be artistic and ornamental. If the hotel furniture design wants to have a strong personality, it must achieve the harmony and unity of popularity and personality. Therefore, hotel furniture designers must fully consider the audience's personality, specialties, hobbies, and cultural literacy. These factors and market development trends should be comprehensively analyzed to integrate furniture modeling, decoration, design, color and other artistic techniques.

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