Classification and style design characteristics of hotel furniture products


With the improvement of people's living standards year by year, the era of heavy decoration and light decoration has come. More and more consumers are aware of the harm of decorative building materials to the human body, so hotel furniture customization is becoming more and more popular. Hotel furniture is a hotel project, and the matching design of the hotel project and the indoor environment needs to directly consider the harmony between the indoor function and the environment.

There are roughly the following categories: 1. According to the function of use. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture, etc. Hotel guest room furniture is divided into standard suite furniture, business suite furniture, and presidential suite furniture according to different room specifications.

2. According to the decoration style of hotel furniture, it can be divided into: modern furniture, post-modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture, neoclassical furniture, newly decorated furniture, Korean pastoral furniture, and Mediterranean furniture. 3. According to the size and type of hotels: star hotel furniture, chain hotel furniture, business hotel furniture, theme hotel furniture, homestay furniture, hotel-style apartment furniture, etc. 4. According to the type of furniture structure, furniture is divided into frame furniture and panel furniture , Upholstered furniture, etc. 5. It can also be divided into two categories: movable furniture and fixed furniture. Movable furniture refers to movable furniture that is not fixed to the wall or floor in the hotel; that is, furniture in our traditional sense. It is generally composed of the following furniture: hotel bed sets, dressing tables, bedside cabinets, luggage cabinets, TV cabinets, wardrobes, leisure chairs, coffee tables, etc.

Fixed furniture refers to all wooden furniture that fits closely with the main body of the building, except movable furniture. Mainly include: wooden ceiling molding boards, doors and door covers, bedside screen finishes, body panels, curtain boxes, baseboards, curtain boxes, fixed closets, wine cabinets, minibars, wash basins Cabinets, towel racks, curtain lines, air nozzles, air outlets, ceiling lines, light troughs. No matter what kind of hotel it is, hotel furniture is indispensable.

In terms of hotel furniture custom design, fashion is an eternal topic, so when customizing furniture, it must conform to the fashion trend, or even surpass the fashion trend and become the leader of the fashion industry. This not only requires the customer's preferences, but also the designer's sense of fashion. Generally, the designer's creativity comes from all aspects of life, not only to use trends, but also to have a strong connection with the changes in human's living habits. Integrate fashion and practicality into hotel furniture customization.

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