Common sense and matching methods of home office furniture customization-home office furniture customization


In the past, when purchasing home office furniture, more people would choose to go to the home office furniture city. With the development of the Internet, the market has become more transparent, so home office furniture customization has appeared, because home office furniture customization, no matter in style , Quality and craftsmanship are all better, but people still have some misunderstandings about the customization of home office furniture, because not all home office furniture can be customized, so here for everyone, popularize It is necessary to understand the common sense of customizing home office furniture: 1. Most office chairs cannot be customized. Office chairs are basically selected according to the table, and they are also finished products in stock. Many people will go for custom-made office chairs, but you can customize some solid wood office chairs or creative sofas. Also, the most popular ergonomic chairs, with liftable wheels, cannot be customized.

What it is, you can only choose from the existing styles of home office furniture manufacturers. 2. The thickness of the plate cannot be customized. It should be the preferred category of many customers at present. Great performance at an affordable price.

The point is that it's very customizable. The board can be cut into various sizes or shapes as required, but its thickness cannot be changed. All home office furniture manufacturers have uniform panel thickness because the mold for wood-based panels is fixed and the thickness of the panels produced is the same.

3. The edge strips cannot be customized. The desktop of the desktop usually has edge strips, which are designed for beauty and humanization. It is also an environmentally friendly process application. Normally, edge bars are fixed and no color is used.

You choose, you just choose the color of the table top, which home office furniture custom manufacturers use to match the edge strips. 4. Fixed cabinets cannot be customized. Desks are usually equipped with filing cabinets, movable cabinets or fixed cabinets, which are wheeled and can be customized for individual products. Fixed cabinets cannot be customized.

They are often designed with tables, so you can replace the fixed cabinets with removable ones if you want to opt for customization. Matching method of home office furniture customization Nowadays, more and more companies purchase home office furniture, no longer purchase finished products directly, but customize home office furniture in combination with the overall office environment, so how should home office furniture be customized? 1. Overall When choosing home office furniture customization, the specifications, styles, colors, etc. of the home office furniture should be considered. It is recommended to customize the products in the same merchant at one time, because different products will be produced every time the customization is made, which makes the office collocation unreasonable.

2. Environmentally friendly and versatile When choosing furniture, you can choose some versatile styles, which advocate green and environmental protection. They can be used repeatedly in the future, and can be matched randomly to meet the requirements of the company's office without wasting. 3. Style When choosing home office furniture, it is necessary to consider the overall style of the office environment and unify the style to make the overall office environment more harmonious. In the case of color and style coordination, home office furniture can be freely matched. Home office furniture can be combined in multiple styles and used in conjunction with each other. It is not limited by space and time, and can be combined to achieve high efficiency.

Users can increase the combination function according to their own preferences to achieve the free matching style they want. The so-called custom-made home office furniture means that in the process of office decoration, home office furniture such as filing cabinets, office desks, office screens, office desks and chairs, office sofas, etc. are custom-made and designed by designers of home office furniture companies. Then it will be produced and installed by a professional home office furniture manufacturer.

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