Comprehensive consideration of customized humanized design of office furniture


Comprehensive consideration of customized humanized design of office furniture. With the development of modern economy, the design of office environment is also changing with each passing day. The change of office environment is not only the increase of office area, not only the optimization of office furniture, but also more practical, Environmental protection and humanization. Then how can we truly realize these things? At this time, customization is needed. Custom furniture is not simply made according to the customer's requirements, nor is it only made according to the size of the customer's site. If only these are done, it will be far from meeting the requirements of professional customization. Office furniture adheres to customization and concludes that customization is not a process of passive execution, but a process of proactively providing customers with comprehensive solutions.

Because the customer is not professional, and lacks understanding of space, color matching, and size, as professionals in the office furniture industry, we must take the initiative to propose solutions to customers, mainly to dare to propose solutions. Only by comprehensively considering the style, color, function, humanization, environmental protection and many other elements of the furniture into the plan can we achieve customization and realize the significance of office furniture customization. The biggest advantage of on-site hand-processed furniture is that the residential space can be utilized to the greatest extent. The furniture can be made according to the residential space that needs to be used, whether it is tall or short, or garden or square, or wide or narrow. , even irregular shapes can be used well; secondly, according to the individual requirements of customers and designers, the function of furniture can be special, the appearance of furniture can be different, and the internal structure of furniture can be unique; third, furniture can be decorated The decoration can be highly unified, especially the furniture designed by the home improvement company can be seamlessly matched with the on-site decoration style, material and color, but the on-site hand-processed furniture has obvious shortcomings, such as rough workmanship, rough shape, rough hardware, and the whole furniture There is no grade, and the furniture is fixed in position and cannot be moved. The biggest advantage of the industrialized furniture purchased in the store is that it is an industrialized product with fine workmanship and beautiful shape, and the position of the furniture can be changed arbitrarily. The style and tone of the furniture are not necessarily coordinated, which is just the opposite of the advantages and disadvantages of on-site manual processing of furniture.

There are two major advantages of office furniture customization. The first advantage is that the size of the furniture is more in line with the area of ​​the office, and the style is also in line with the company's culture, meeting the special requirements of the company. In addition to satisfying the practicality of office furniture, different office atmospheres can be formed through the arrangement of furniture, the appearance and color of furniture, etc. Direct purchase of office furniture has some limitations, and it cannot always meet the requirements of office decoration and layout.

If it is customized office furniture, it is more humanized. The furniture can be produced according to the customer's preferences, and customers can choose the color, material and size. Customized office furniture does not need to worry about inappropriate size and inconvenient layout. The company can design the layout of the office, and then formulate the requirements for furniture and entrust the furniture factory to customize.

The second advantage is good quality and low cost. When customizing office furniture, you can ask the manufacturer what kind of wood to use, and the furniture produced is also stronger. Unlike the furniture on the market, it can be sold for the sake of beautiful appearance and ignores the internal quality. Customers are also very concerned when purchasing. It's hard to know if the workmanship of this furniture is good or not. Custom furniture is different, you can learn how the furniture you need is produced.

Customizing office furniture directly saves the manufacturer the later expenses such as freight and store rent, so the price of furniture is low. If it is a large quantity of customized office furniture, the price can also enjoy a discount. In short, there are many advantages of customizing office furniture, but you need to choose a better manufacturer when customizing, and inform the manufacturer of your requirements in detail.

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