The comprehensive development of the innovative application of humanized design of home office furniture


With the gradual improvement of people's quality of life, people began to put forward strict requirements for the humanized design of home office furniture. How to fully display the concept of humanized design in the design of home office furniture is a problem faced by current home office furniture designers. When designing home office furniture, we should start with scientific and intelligent trends, meet people's office needs in terms of orientation, and provide a comfortable and scientific office environment.

The so-called humanized design concept of home office furniture mainly refers to the design concept of designing reliable and safe home office furniture works by taking humanism as the basic design principle when designing home office furniture and combining the current psychological needs of consumers. Humanized design refers to the idea of ​​"people-oriented" as the guide, to meet people's material, spiritual, physical and psychological needs as the premise, and to use artificial intelligence as a means to create safe, comfortable and pleasant products. the design of. The rapid development of modern society has led to the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and consumers pay more attention to the spiritual function and cultural taste of commodities.

More and more office places require office space to reflect humanistic care and corporate characteristics. With the rapid development of social economy, people's quality of life has been steadily improved, and consumers' office demands have undergone earth-shaking changes. In short, the unchanging and ordinary-shaped home office furniture works can no longer attract the attention of consumers, and the lack of humanized design concepts in home office furniture has gradually become prominent.

Integrating the concept of humanized design into the design of home office furniture has become the main development trend of current design. Humanized home office furniture has won the recognition of the majority of people with the help of smooth shape design, reasonable material selection, and innovative design concepts. Therefore, in the process of home office furniture design, it is necessary to uphold the principle of people-oriented, combined with consumer needs, in order to design eye-catching home office furniture, and then bring comfortable and novel psychological feelings to consumers.

As a necessity for people's work, home office furniture is widely used in people's work, and its main function is to meet people's work requirements. Compared with handicrafts, it needs to be practical and durable in function. Psychologically meet people's various requirements.

For example, convenient storage, comfortable sitting, etc. At present, designers generally believe that designing a new type of home office furniture is equivalent to designing a new type of office. When designing home office furniture, most designers not only need to meet people's material needs, but also show people's spiritual needs. A subtle function can increase the interest of users.

Therefore, in the functional design, not only to meet the behavioral requirements, but also to bring people a pleasant feeling. If an enterprise wants to display its own characteristics and obtain higher economic benefits, it must increase its understanding of visual recognition. Home office furniture just meets the needs of enterprises for visual recognition. In the process of personalized design of home office furniture, it is necessary to include many factors such as the shape, function, material, frame, decoration and color matching of home office furniture.

There are various ways and types of personalized design of home office furniture. While pursuing personalization, we must bear in mind the main meaning of design. Green, not only refers to green design, to ensure the environmental protection of home office furniture, but also refers to greening. When designing home office furniture, the principles of "durability, elegance, economy, and environmental protection" should be adhered to.

For the concept of humanized design, people advocate green design. It is also an improvement of humanized design. All in all, with the advent of informatization, the traditional "eight in the morning and five in the evening" and fixed-site office mode have been transformed, and the office space is developing in a diversified direction.

In the process of designing home office furniture, designers pay more attention to the trend design of home office furniture such as intelligence, humanization, and environmental protection. In the near future, home office furniture will be a trendy and novel design product. As people's understanding of the concept of personalized design gradually deepens, the office space begins to shift towards a trend of comfort, modernity, fashion, and simplicity.

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