Product Design Ideas for the Development of the Home Office Furniture Industry


With the further deepening of the concept of customization in the product design concept of the development of the home office furniture industry, consumers have more and more requirements for the concept of customization, which are becoming more and more refined and high-end. Whether it is home customization or home office furniture customization. It has even become a trend in the furniture industry, even a trend.

Home office furniture is closely related to our life. Good home office furniture plays an important role for employees. The design concept of home office furniture should follow the trend of modernization. According to the shape and material of home office furniture , color design, the functional design concept of home office furniture is also changing. The design concept of home office furniture has gradually begun to change. The functions of many home office furniture are increasing day by day. The customization of home office furniture is increasingly meeting the needs of employees. In terms of design, the physical and mental health of employees is more considered. development of. Five Conceptual Principles of Home Office Furniture Design Home office furniture is an important member of the furniture industry, and people have to come into close contact with it every day at work.

Whether the design of home office furniture is reasonable or not is related to the comfort of users, and even directly affects the working mood of users. In the process of home office furniture design, we should not only consider the space layout and the personal characteristics of the users, but also pay attention to the functionality, creativity and aesthetics of the furniture. A. Scientific principles of home office furniture: guide the design of man-machine interface, scale, comfort and pleasantness according to the requirements of ergonomics.

B. Principles of home office furniture creativity: The core of home office furniture design is creation. The process of design is the process of creation. In the design, it is necessary to oppose plagiarism and the infiltration of other people's intellectual property rights, and to promote product innovation and individual development.

C. The principle of meeting user needs: Correctly deal with the diversity of market demand, the level of human demand, the change of lifestyle, the progress of consumption concepts, etc., and develop marketable products respectively. D. The principle of popularity of home office furniture: The aesthetics of home office furniture has the characteristics of public aesthetics, and fashion has become the main aspect of furniture aesthetics. Furniture, like trends, must keep pace with the times, otherwise it will be eliminated in this era of rapid development.

E. The principle of sustainable development of home office furniture: To achieve the sustainable development of the industry under the premise of sustainable utilization of resources, we can create a better and better family that satisfies customers by combining these concepts with the above principles. Office furniture comes.

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