Modern office space home office furniture size design planning


With the popularity of modern office, open office, healthy office and other office methods, the specifications of office space are more diverse, and the application requirements of home office furniture are also more diverse. However, in the current home office furniture market, there are three key points that must be grasped The main ecological situation of home office furniture production. One: Green and environmental protection is also a new trend. Nowadays, many home office furniture factories have begun to devote themselves to the vigorous promotion of green home office furniture products. As far as the material of green furniture itself is concerned, all green materials are used, which will not cause harm to the health of users; Damage to the health of producers and the environment.

At the same time, the development of green production not only protects the health interests of consumers, but also plays a role in environmental protection. Two: Artisticization of the office environment. In the past, home office furniture had a single color and a fixed style, and it was only for the basic purpose of office, with little consideration for beauty and comfort.

In recent years, the design of home office furniture is full of personality and artistic atmosphere. The stylized home office furniture is changing people's stereotype of office space with single color and fixed layout, allowing more professionals to seek more freedom and inspiration in a personalized office environment. Three: Intelligent upgrade of home office furniture The height of the adjustable desk can be adjusted freely. Through the touch control system, a healthy working mode combining 'sit and stand' can be realized.

Nowadays, for many professional white-collar workers, the sitting posture is the main posture for their work. And this home office furniture can make people more comfortable and convenient to work. And to improve work efficiency to a greater extent. Humanized and intelligent design in the 21st century will be more valued and favored, which is also an important trend in the development of the high-end furniture market.

The humanized design concept of home office furniture mainly refers to the design concept of designing reliable and safe home office furniture works by taking the humanistic thought as the basic design principle when designing home office furniture and combining the current psychological needs of consumers. With the rapid development of social economy, people's quality of life has been steadily improved, and consumers' office demands have undergone earth-shaking changes. In short, the unchanging and ordinary-shaped home office furniture works can no longer attract the attention of consumers, and the lack of humanized design concepts in home office furniture has gradually become prominent.

Integrating the concept of humanized design into the design of home office furniture has become the main development trend of current design. Dongguan home office furniture manufacturer's humanized home office furniture has won the recognition of the majority of people with the help of smooth shape design, reasonable material selection, and innovative design concepts. Therefore, in the process of home office furniture design, it is necessary to uphold the principle of people-oriented, combined with consumer needs, in order to design eye-catching home office furniture, and then bring comfortable and novel psychological feelings to consumers.

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