Design concept of healthy and environmentally friendly green home office furniture


Under the international situation of advocating environmental protection, some industries are also exploring how to take a new road of environmental protection to adapt to the development of the times. Taking the road of health and environmental protection is not only the demand of the market, but also the contribution of enterprises to realize social responsibility. The home office furniture industry has gained insight into market demand, accelerated technological innovation, and health and environmental protection have become the development trend of home office furniture.

For many professional white-collar workers, home office furniture should pursue health and reduce occupational diseases. Many white-collar workers sit facing the computer, and occupational diseases such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis are becoming more and more apparent. Therefore, the health of home office furniture will meet the needs of the market.

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, home office furniture has not only played the role of home office furniture, but can optimize the office environment of white-collar workers, and in terms of design, it can help reduce the physical pain caused by long-term office work for white-collar workers. harm, in line with market demand. Like a workbench, the height of the workbench can be adjusted freely, and the healthy working mode of "sit and stand" can be realized through the touch control system. Now white-collar workers in many positions, the sitting posture is the main posture of their work, and this home office furniture can allow these people to sit and stand together, and work healthier.

Such home office furniture not only makes employees feel healthier physically and mentally, but also greatly improves work efficiency. In the context of rapid economic development in modern society, the design style of office space not only reflects the imprint of the industry, but also an important carrier of corporate image and industry culture. What is the design concept of green home office furniture? 1. Design and production Trend and connotation: Relying on professional expression and perfection, give design a strong vitality.

2. Undertake the principles of ergonomics. Undertake the design concept of ergonomics that fits the natural shape of the human body and is close to the needs of physiology and heart. Through the study of posture and human body burden, no optimization basis is provided for the design, so as to reduce fatigue and occupational diseases, thereby improving work. Efficiency and cost savings, strive for perfection. 3. Create a high-quality laboratory office environment. Focus on the customization of office products and the harmony and unity of laboratory design. Considering the improvement of the human environment and the improvement of production height, the core concept is always in the design, and strive to integrate home office furniture and laboratory environment. To create a unique design and manufacturing benchmark height.

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