Design features and standards of modern hotel furniture


The advent of the business era has caused fashion trends in all walks of life, and the hotel furniture industry is no exception. In addition to retaining some traditional furniture design models, it has vigorously changed and innovated. The new modern hotel furniture is one of the breakthroughs, seeking innovation and change. development to meet the needs of modern people's material and spiritual life. There are still many types of modern hotel furniture. According to the functional divisions in the hotel, the furniture in the public area is for guests to rest, including sofas, seats, coffee tables, etc. The furniture in the catering part includes dining tables, dining chairs, bar counters, coffee tables and chairs, etc. Part of the furniture includes beds, bedside tables, sofas, coffee tables, desks, seats, and wall cabinets for storing items. The larger the high-end hotel, the more types of furniture that undertake social functions, while the functions of economical hotels are simpler, and the types of furniture will be relatively reduced.

Modern hotel furniture design has two main characteristics, which can also be said to be the pursuit and concept of two different levels: 1. Practicality and comfort In modern hotel furniture design, similar to villa furniture design, various activities between furniture and people The relationship is close, and the "people-oriented" design concept must be reflected everywhere, that is, it is used for people and is convenient for people. Reflecting the versatility, for another example, the wardrobe in the guest room can also be pushed and folded to become a small bar. Starting from the design process, it is also necessary to show a sense of hierarchy and angle, so as to maximize the intersection and integration of indoor and outdoor environments, and present a harmonious overall, loose comfort, without making people restrained or depressed. For example, rational use of stainless steel grids, stainless steel screens, wall mirrors, etc. in a limited space to enhance the sense of space. 2. Artistic and decorative hotel furniture is the main role to reflect the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect. The placement and display layout of hotel furniture will also make people feel convenient and comfortable, and can also give people an aesthetic sense. Furniture design is likened to an egg, because an egg is a whole no matter from which angle it is viewed. It is simple yet rich in variety, simple yet aesthetically pleasing, and makes people feel happy and enjoyable.

Most of the layout of modern hotel furniture has started from the simple design style. Therefore, we will see that the color matching of hotel furniture is more particular. This is also a relatively new decoration method. For example, lighting design is one of its important components. Modern hotel lighting is mostly soft and warm light. Reasonable lighting layout can render the hotel's spatial atmosphere and create warmth.

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