Design principles and selection of hotel suite furniture


For many guests, especially foreign travelers, the hotel is a temporary residence, so choosing different hotel suite furniture may bring different feelings to these guests. If the furniture is chosen properly, it is likely to leave a good impression on the guests, improve the reputation of the hotel and the proportion of repeat customers. Pure, simple, and simple Nordic furniture is contemporary furniture, which represents youth, personality, and fashion. The shape of the furniture does not simply follow the pace of fashion, but does not have any colored glasses to meet the ever-changing needs of this era.

The design of hotel furniture has principles. It is necessary to design functional, reliable and convenient furniture in a limited space. Let’s take a look at the design principles of hotel suite furniture. Design principles of hotel suite furniture: Practicality of furniture: When designing guest room and hotel furniture, we must pay attention to the comfort level of use, which is the main consideration in design. Designers not only need to choose environmentally friendly materials to ensure health, but also need to consider fire prevention and injury prevention.

Economic applicability: To meet the functional requirements of customers' living rooms, if designers want to achieve a satisfactory level in a limited space, they need to design a furniture solution with complete functions and reasonable layout. It is necessary to understand the relationship between people and people, people and things, people and the environment. Economy: Hotel furniture manufacturers suggest that the budget of the hotel should be determined according to the expected consumption of hotel furniture, and the reasonable cost should be set within the expected range, so as to determine the grade of hotel furniture.

Then through careful design, different materials are cleverly integrated, so that the different textures, colors and performance advantages of the materials can be reflected. Aesthetics: Hotel furniture also needs to take both artistry and aesthetics into account. If a furniture design wants to reflect the aesthetics and achieve the coordinated development of common beauty and individual beauty, then the designer must consider the hobbies and cultural qualities of most customers, and combine these with furniture fashion and trends.

So that the arts such as shape, pattern and decoration can be better integrated into the furniture. The price of furniture can be low, but the workmanship cannot be bad. Because the furniture will reflect the quality of the workmanship when it is used, such as the stability of the table, if the table is shaken when the guest is using it, it will definitely affect the image of the hotel.

Neoclassical hotel suite furniture is relatively versatile. It can be matched with bright and simple modern practical decoration, or with classical and exquisite accessories to create an elegant retro feeling. In the future, more and more Chinese elements will appear in the The design of hotel suite furniture may gradually become the mainstream, which not only meets the comfort of modern people, but also retains the beauty of traditional furniture. 1. Style matching Different hotel suite furniture has different specifications and styles, so it is necessary to carefully select furniture suitable for different styles, so that it can fully improve the space utilization rate in the hotel room, so as to create a comfortable and beautiful hotel environment , The style of the furniture must be unified with the hotel suite furniture, and the perfect match and cooperation with the hotel can be realized through the means of display and decoration, so that the perfect effect of the furniture on the hotel can be truly realized. 2. Humanization followed by humanization. Generally, too much furniture will give people a sense of depression and discomfort. Therefore, the placement of furniture must first reflect humanization, and the specific environmental requirements of the scale of furniture must be considered. According to the hotel space Different sizes are used to set the scale of the furniture in order to create a sense of comfort for people.

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