Design principles of space matching for hotel furniture


The important content of modern hotel furniture design is the supporting design of furniture, which has an important impact on the hotel. With the improvement of aesthetic level, people's design requirements for hotel furniture are also increasing. The more high-end hotels have more types of furniture for social functions, the more simple the functions of economical hotels, and the fewer types of furniture. The design of hotel furniture should be determined based on the style of the hotel, the city and cultural environment where it is located, and the positioning of the hotel.

To do a good job in hotel space design, the first step is layout planning. A perfect layout is equivalent to completing half of the entire design. Different styles and different positions have different designs. For example, resort hotels, business hotels and tourist hotels use different layouts and furniture.

But in general, there are still some unified principles that can be referred to in the design of hotel furniture. So how to make a reasonable layout plan, the editor summarizes the above layout methods for your reference. 1. Space enclosure and flatness: The solid wood custom hotel pays attention to the distinction of space style, and the lines intersect and close. Only when the space is enclosed by walls can the space effect be made.

Following the principle of "concaves are flush, convexes are straight", the edges and corners of the wall are removed and pits are filled. 2. Pay attention to functionality: The hotel's goal is to improve economic efficiency, so the hotel furniture is also designed to accommodate the guests. Before designing, it is necessary to measure the area and proportion of the entire space, and the division of relevant functional areas should be based on the principle of satisfying customers to measure the success of a furniture design. The use of ergonomics is one of the most important factors. If If the design of furniture does not meet the standards of ergonomics, the furniture loses any meaning.

Especially hotel furniture needs to provide occupants with the best living experience, and the humanized design of hotel furniture is particularly important. Ergonomics attaches great importance to "people-oriented", emphasizes all services for people, emphasizes human clothing, food, housing, and transportation, starts from the human body, and considers other factors on the premise of human beings as the main body. 3. Spatial fluency: Follow the "clear moving line, clear primary and secondary", only when there is something exposed and hidden, can it be tall.

Reasonable moving lines can make customers walk more comfortably and freely, with a labyrinthine layout. 4. Create a sense of space: especially the shared space of a hotel is an important criterion for consumers to judge the level of a hotel. The shared space can achieve an overall sense of space, which can greatly add points to the image of the hotel.

During the installation process, feasible solutions will be proposed for the needs of the hotel side. Hotel furniture should be coordinated and integrated with the overall decoration of the hotel, that is to say, it should give customers a reasonable sense of the whole, instead of being partly good-looking and out of place as a whole. Because the design of hotel furniture is based on the existing decoration framework, the interior and exterior, and the interior space must be integrated with each other.

5. Spatial variability and interactivity: Hotel furniture is different from the hotel home environment in terms of style. The exhibition hall needs to meet the diverse preferences of people. The space style should be more flexible and changeable. The subsequent collision relationship. If there is a static space in the hotel, then this space is mostly a dead corner that no one pays attention to. How to change the static and increase its interactivity so that the exhibition hall space will not be ignored by the vision? You can adopt the method of one entry and one exit door and window, When customers walk in the space, they can focus on the deep-seated products. 6. Spatial interest: A set of perfect hotel space furniture layout scene must have one or two highlights that are enough to attract guests, so that the guests will be impressed and nostalgic.

Such as arranging arc space, circular space or octagonal space and so on. 7. Spatial scale: The scale is the only standard to measure the comfort of space, and it is also the essence of humanized care. Solid wood custom furniture is designed to simulate the hotel environment, so the principle of comfort should be followed in the allocation of space scale. Today's hotel furniture has a variety of materials. Different materials have a great influence on the style, and the use experience is also different.

In terms of fabrics, fabrics are widely used in hotel furniture. All kinds of soft sofas and beddings must use fabrics, which directly determine the grade of furniture. The use of paint colors is also very particular. The quality of paint is also the most critical step in determining the quality of furniture. This is also one of the specialties of Desheng Dingrun. It has its own unique way in the use of colors and materials, high-end yet natural, noble yet agile.

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