Home office furniture has different materials and different design styles


In terms of office furniture materials, there are also differences between solid wood home office furniture and panel home office furniture. Some styles of solid wood and panel furniture are almost similar in color, but how to clearly distinguish them? We often don’t know how to choose when we buy home office furniture factories. In fact, every home office furniture manufacturer has its own expertise. Some home office furniture factories do office chairs very well, and some home office furniture companies The table is very well done, so the next thing we need to consider is the scale of the factory, shipment volume, quality control and other reasons. The boards of home office furniture are made of wood-based panels, and many different types of home office furniture styles have been created with their own creativity. They can be spliced ​​and folded. Different colors have different styles of home office furniture. There are also two styles of pure solid wood home office furniture. One is called log home office furniture. This kind of home office furniture is made of pure wood, which ensures that the home office furniture is environmentally friendly and natural, and has no peculiar smell when used.

In addition, there is another kind of home office furniture, which is imitation solid wood home office furniture. The surface layer of this kind of home office furniture is made of solid wood veneer, which is not very different from log home office furniture in terms of feel or color. Wood also has its own texture, so the home office furniture made in this way saves you unnecessary expenses and can meet your needs in use. The other is panel-type home office furniture, which is made of high-density fiber panels, which can be spliced ​​and combined. It is also relatively simple in terms of customization, the colors can be varied, and the production speed is fast. , suitable for users who need a large amount of home office furniture in the short term. Solid wood home office furniture and panel home office furniture have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

So solid wood home office furniture and panel home office furniture, who is more worth buying? , Do not use any home office furniture made of wood-based panels. Panel type home office furniture: It is a disassembled and assembled home office furniture with wood-based panels as the main base material and panels as the basic structure. It is home office furniture that is all connected by surface-decorated wood-based panels and hardware. One: Style Solid wood home office furniture has its own unique style, which integrates the essence of nature. It is simple, natural, atmospheric, thick and high-end, and it is a natural and original beauty.

Panel-type home office furniture is full of changes in shape, rich in styles, simple in personality, stylish in appearance, and can easily hold various styles. Two: Material solid wood home office furniture is divided into beech, teak, maple, oak, red toon, ash, elm, poplar, pine, etc., which are relatively rare wood, among which beech, teak, red toon The most expensive. The main raw material of panel-type home office furniture is wood-based panels, which mainly use wood residues, artificial fast-growing and high-yield forests, etc. as raw materials.

The common ones are: density board, particle board, MDF, joinery board, composite multi-layer board, ecological board, etc. Three: Disassembly and assembly Solid wood home office furniture usually uses adhesives, and the finished product generally cannot be disassembled, and it is very inconvenient to carry. The combination of panel-type home office furniture components is usually connected by various metal hardware, which is very convenient for assembly and disassembly. The panel-type home office furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times, which is convenient for transportation.

Four: Environmental protection The materials used in solid wood home office furniture are simple and natural, and the raw materials are relatively environmentally friendly. Generally, only lacquering, mortise and tenon processes are required for production. However, the wood of solid wood home office furniture is a relatively rare resource, and a large amount of development will consume natural resources. Glue is used in the production process of panel-type home office furniture. Too much glue and other adhesives are used, resulting in formaldehyde in the panel.

But not all panel-type home office furniture is environmentally friendly and unsafe. Qualified panel-type furniture contains very little glue, and it is very safe through the sealing of the veneer and edge-banding veneer. Moreover, panel-type home office furniture is basically made of wood leftovers, which virtually protects limited natural resources.

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