Do you know how to choose good hotel furniture?


Hotel furniture is not only a material product, but also an artistic creation, which is often considered to be the double feature of furniture. The type, quantity, function, form, style, production level and the degree of occupation of furniture at that time also reflect the social lifestyle, social material civilization level and historical and cultural characteristics of a country and region in a certain historical period. Furniture on the market can be classified according to materials: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, and glass and metal furniture.

Different furniture materials also determine their own characteristics and differences. With the improvement of people's health concept, solid wood furniture has become the preferred furniture material for more people. Hotel furniture includes hotel home office furniture, hotel leisure furniture, guest room furniture, restaurant furniture, lobby furniture, etc., which are all very important parts of hotel decoration, so how can we buy high-quality, low-cost, and cost-effective hotel furniture? Woolen cloth? 1. Environmental protection: Furniture materials, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint, etc., will release harmful gases to the human body.

Hotel and apartment rooms are relatively airtight, and the gas that irritates the eyes and nose will directly affect the occupancy rate of the rooms. The environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for modern guests to choose to stay in hotels; 2. Style, personality and shape: the personality and style of furniture should be In harmony with the decoration personality, avoid simple decoration with luxury furniture, or luxury decoration with low-end furniture; furniture selection should consider the geographical location of hotels and apartments, customer groups, room pricing and investment restrictions, etc., and should be based on the preferences and consumption of guests. concept-centric. 3. One-time investment and value preservation time: In order to ensure that the guest occupancy rate will not be affected by the aging and damage of furniture, the choice of furniture should not only consider the capital cost of one-time investment, but also consider the repeated cumulative investment of furniture during the decoration operation process. For products that can maintain good appearance quality for a long time without repeated investment and have high performance-price ratio, the warranty time given by the furniture company should also be considered. 4. Waterproof and moisture-proof hotel furniture: In hotels and apartment rooms, furniture is often damaged by water and moisture.

The dumping of tea, the moisture in the bathroom and the steam in the bathing sauna, the contact with wet towels in the bath, seasonal climate and humidity changes, etc., will cause furniture edge sealing to be exposed, fall off, board deformation and swelling, veneer cracks, and blisters , Mildew and other problems, so the purchase of furniture should focus on its waterproof and moisture-proof function; 5. Fire prevention and high temperature resistance: Lighted cigarettes, matches, etc. will cause damage to the surface of the furniture, and even cause a fire if it is serious. The furniture is fire-resistant and flame-retardant Functions cannot be ignored; 6. Wear-resistant, durable and drop-resistant: Generally, it is the supplies in the guest room, such as telephones, teacups, desk lamps, flowerpots, electric water heaters, etc., which will form scratches when they are used accidentally, which is not easy to repair, and then Affect the effective life of furniture. Therefore, the raw material of furniture determines its use time. To sum up, hotel furniture should pay special attention to problems such as exposed edge banding, falling off, deformation and swelling of the board surface, cracks on the finish, mildew, etc. Therefore, waterproof and moisture-proof is the top priority when purchasing hotel furniture.

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