Explanation of product classification and structural design elements of home office furniture manufacturers


Home office furniture is furniture equipped for daily work and social activities. Good office furniture layout can improve the overall sense and visual effect of the enterprise, and reasonable ergonomic design can effectively improve the work efficiency of employees and protect the user's body. Home office furniture can be divided into steel, wood, plastic, etc. according to the material, and can be divided into filing cabinets, filing cabinets, lockers, compact shelves, dense cabinets, etc. according to the type of use.

What to buy can be considered according to your own needs. General professional desks pay more attention to practicality, mostly wood-based panels. In order to take care of privacy, it is recommended to choose a multi-person screen booth; while executive desks and boss desks should pay attention to the atmosphere and grade, and most of them work in independent offices. It is recommended Choose a solid wood desk with a large size. Four elements of home office furniture Home office furniture is composed of four elements: function, material, structure, and appearance. These four factors are interrelated and restrict each other to promote the development of furniture.

The main content of these four elements and the relationship among them are described respectively below. (1) Function Any piece of furniture is designed and manufactured for a certain purpose. Therefore, the functional composition is the central link of home office furniture, the leading factor, and the driving force for the existence and development of home office furniture.

When designing home office furniture, we should first collect the information of home office furniture users and the rotating environment of home office furniture from the perspective of function, so as to determine the furniture material, structure and appearance. Generally speaking, the functions of home office furniture products can be divided into four aspects, namely technical functions, economic functions, use functions and spiritual functions. (2) Materials Materials are the material basis of home office furniture. From the perspective of the development of home office furniture, home office furniture materials show a variety of characteristics, including: stone, wood, bamboo, rattan, leather, fabric, Glass, pigments, rubber, wood-based panels, sponges, rubber materials, and paints.

Although there are many materials for home office furniture, various factors must be considered when designing home office furniture, and materials must be selected and used purposefully. During the selection process of Dongguan home office furniture manufacturers, the main considerations are as follows: 1. Material processing technology, which directly affects the production and quality of home office furniture. For wood, expansion and shrinkage, anisotropy, warpage, etc. due to the influence of moisture should be considered during processing; for medium density particleboard and medium density fiberboard with cladding treatment, the brittleness and hardness of the decorative layer should be considered to determine the appropriate The feeding speed should be improved to prevent edge bursting and improve the quality of edge sealing; plastic materials should consider ductility, thermoplastic deformation, etc.; glass should consider its thermal brittleness, hardness and surface quality, etc.

2. The texture and appearance quality of materials can give people different psychological feelings. Wood is a natural material with natural texture and easy processing. It is the best material for home office furniture. Plastic and its synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials, and have good coloring performance, but they are easy to age and deform due to heat. The service life and scope of use of home office furniture produced with this are limited.

3. The economy of materials. The economy of furniture materials includes the price of materials, the labor consumption of materials processing, the utilization rate of materials and the richness of material utilization. Although wood has natural texture and other characteristics, with the increase of demand, the accumulation of wood is decreasing, and the resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Materials similar to wood, economical and beautiful will be widely used in the life of furniture. Fourth, the strength of the material. Different materials have different strengths.

The position of the same material in the home office furniture has different functions, and its strength requirements are also different, and its dimensions and specifications are also different. In short, the strength of the material considers the nail holding force, split resistance and elastic modulus. 5. Surface decoration performance. In general, surface decoration performance refers to the feasibility of painting, pasting, engraving, ironing, and ironing.

(3) The structure of home office furniture The structure is the connection method between the parts of home office furniture. The physical and psychological effects of structure on users of home office furniture. The connection mode between parts depends on the performance characteristics of materials and accessories, and the structural design based on ergonomic principles can improve people's work efficiency.

(4) Appearance form of home office furniture Appearance form is an intuitive expression of the function and structure of home office furniture. The appearance of home office furniture depends on the structure, but the appearance has a large degree of freedom. The same appearance can adopt different structures. For example, the basic structure of home office furniture like filing cabinets is the same, but the appearance is different. The appearance of home office furniture can also be understood as the first feeling of furniture shape, which has the function of transmitting information and directly exerts the aesthetic function of home office furniture.

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