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The office is divided into different areas according to different functions, and different areas have different office furniture requirements. Office furniture manufacturers simply share with you the furniture configuration guidelines for management offices and staff office areas. Manage office furniture configuration: Manage desks, file cabinets, shift chairs, shift chairs, office sofas and tea tables.

Office furniture configuration in the staff office area: The staff area should maximize the space as much as possible. The furniture placed should not only create a private office space for the employees but also not affect the communication at work. Therefore, this area generally needs to use a screen desk for the area Divide and functionally separate. The material of the screen desk is mostly particle board with melamine surface, and the chairs matching it are mostly ergonomic chairs. Office furniture is a necessary tool in the office environment. It is related to whether employees can work more comfortably. Therefore, it is necessary to consider many aspects when purchasing.

Public office area The public office area is where employees work. Office furniture mainly includes desks and office chairs. Generally speaking, the working time is about 8 hours, but keeping one posture for a long time can easily lead to various physical occupational diseases. Therefore, when choosing a desk and office chair, it must first conform to the ergonomic design and be comfortable to sit on; secondly, the height It is adjustable to suit people of different heights, so that people's sitting posture can be corrected and people can work healthily. Key points for purchasing: the appropriate height of desks and chairs should enable people to maintain two "basic verticals" when sitting. First, when the feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and calves can be vertical; The upper arm is basically perpendicular to the forearm.

Only by satisfying these two "basic verticals" can employees be more comfortable at work. Leader's Office The leader's office is an independent office area, and the desk will be relatively larger, one is to meet the needs of more work, and the other is to appear more atmospheric. The office chairs are mainly rotatable multifunctional leather chairs. Of course, the leadership office generally has bookcases, lockers, etc. to meet the needs of daily work.

Key points for office furniture manufacturers to purchase: When purchasing a desk, check whether there are gaps in the welding, whether the anti-rust treatment, anti-theft mechanism, and spare parts are in place; office chairs are best made of leather, which is more comfortable and more stylish; bookcases It is best to choose solid wood material, natural wood color, which shows more cultural heritage; it is best to purchase lockers together with bookcases, which are integrated and more atmospheric; safes are used to store important work documents.

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