How office furniture manufacturers choose their own office furniture


With the development of society, and now with the improvement of people's living standards and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, people's awareness of environmental protection is constantly improving, and environmental protection has gradually penetrated into life and work. Office furniture plays a very important role in the office, and more and more companies tend to purchase green and environmentally friendly office furniture. The auxiliary materials of green and environmentally friendly office furniture are energy-saving, non-polluting, and easy to recycle; the materials of green and environmentally friendly furniture tend to be natural, do not contain harmful substances, do not release harmful gases, and are easy to use even if they are no longer used. Recycling and reuse; and the design of environmentally friendly furniture products conforms to ergonomic principles, which is comfortable to sit on and helps to improve occupational diseases of shoulder soreness and low back pain; green environmental protection furniture prolongs the product life cycle and makes furniture more durable, thereby reducing energy consumption in reprocessing.

One: Choose environmentally friendly office furniture The first step for office furniture manufacturers to choose office furniture is to choose environmentally friendly office furniture, because in the process of furniture processing, many substances harmful to the human body will be used, and these substances have harmful effects on the human body. Huge harm, and inferior office furniture is often accompanied by a pungent smell, which greatly affects the mood of employees when they work, and the output is naturally greatly reduced, so choosing an environmentally friendly furniture is naturally the first priority. Senwang office furniture is Passed the third-party environmental testing. Two: Choose high-quality raw materials for furniture As the saying goes: "You get what you pay for", this is not unreasonable. The good wood used in residential furniture is often more expensive, and the same is true for office furniture. Inferior office furniture often uses synthetic wood, the quality is not guaranteed, and it is easy to crack and bend, while good office furniture chooses high-quality log materials, which are integrally formed, durable, so in the selection of office furniture, high-quality raw materials are also The key, especially pine wood, is more often used as the material of choice for office furniture. Three: Choose high-quality after-sales furniture brands, just sell them regardless of after-sales. However, there are quite a few such rogues. Now it has become a trend to buy office furniture online. Many people because of the low price and high cost performance on the Internet I often place an order boldly, and then after the purchase, the after-sales service will make people cry. There is no door-to-door installation service, and you need to contact workers to install it yourself. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a high-quality after-sales furniture brand.

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