How to design and maintain the furniture of medium and high-end hotels


Hotel decoration has always been inseparable from hotel furniture. Only well-designed hotel furniture can create a warm atmosphere, so that guests can feel the warmth and comfort of home when they stay in the hotel. A good piece of hotel furniture must depend on the positioning of the designer, and the production must be designed first. In fact, there are relatively few professional hotel furniture design talents in the market. Designers have chosen to engage in the home improvement industry. Today, the editor will talk about what points should be paid attention to in the design and customization of hotel furniture? 1. When designing a piece of hotel furniture, designers must pay attention to the needs of users, take the needs of consumers as the starting point, rather than their own personal preferences, and combine their own professional procedures with the needs of customers to design a product that satisfies consumers. Products; 2. Issue professional hotel furniture renderings. Generally, the hotel will issue a floor plan when designing a hotel. Our furniture company needs to cooperate with the hotel designer to issue furniture elevations and floor plans, and clearly mark the plane and elevation. 3. Improve your own professional level. The design of hotel furniture must rely on the accumulation of professional knowledge. The design is not simply to draw pictures, but also to consider Architecture, load-bearing capacity, service life and other problems, so designers need to continuously innovate and improve their professional knowledge and capabilities; 4. Explain and communicate with customers. After the initial completion of the plan, they must also explain and communicate with customers , Let customers understand why you do this and understand the original intention of your design. After the customer approves and signs, they can place an order for production. Explaining to customers will also help customers better understand the design details and recognize the value of the design. How to maintain the customized hotel furniture? 1. The bed in the hotel furniture should be at most 20cm away from the door of the bathroom, which is conducive to the room for the hotel staff to move.

2. The bedside lamp should be carefully selected, without glare, and durable. 3. It is recommended to choose obtuse or round corners for the corners of hotel furniture, so as not to damage the young and small owners. 4. The carpets in the guest rooms should be durable, stain-proof and fire-proof, and try not to use light or solid colors.

Nowadays, many business hotel rooms also use composite wood flooring, which is hygienic and warm. 5. The layout of the Internet lines in the room should be thoughtful. The position of the socket should not be too far from the desk. If the line is too long, it will look messy and indecent. 6. Hotel furniture should also have functions such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, and easy maintenance.

7. Attention should also be paid to the design of the luggage counter. If the structure of wood and soft bag is used, the soft bag part can be turned from the three-dimensional to the vertical as much as possible, and the thickness is about 50cm, which can avoid the collision of the luggage. A movable luggage rack can also be used, but the wall should be well designed for anti-collision, and panel furniture can also be used, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. In short, the design and layout of hotel furniture should be people-oriented, consider from the perspective of the owner, and create a warm environment.

People who often live in hotels may find that their guest rooms are not only clean and tidy, but also the hotel furniture outside is always shiny and bright, just like new furniture. In fact, due to cost problems, the hotel cannot continue to add new furniture to each guest room. The reason why the hotel room furniture is as bright as new is only because the hotel has a complete set of furniture maintenance methods.

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