How to design hotel furniture to meet consumer needs


With the rapid development of social economy and the substantial improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, coupled with the rapid development of the Internet, a distinctive hotel design can attract the attention and spread of many people. In order to create a harmonious and beautiful indoor environment, in the process of hotel furniture design, we should not only consider the interior hard decoration, but also pay attention to the soft decoration. Since hard decoration usually does not have a certain degree of mobility and adjustment, it has a very important influence on the design of the soft part of the indoor environment.

Hotel furniture design occupies the main position of soft decoration design. Whether hotel furniture design can meet people's needs has become the main factor restricting the influence of indoor environment. In order to better practice humanized design, we must fully understand the relationship between furniture and hotel furniture design, fully grasp the relationship between the two, and better design to meet the needs of humanization. Furniture design does not come out of nothing, it plays a vital role in the whole environment or style.

At the same time, in the entire hotel furniture design, furniture design is a very important part of the content. The hotel furniture design will be able to fully reflect the style that the interior does not have as a whole. Therefore, hotel furniture design can not only meet people's daily needs, but also have a certain artistic effect to satisfy people's aesthetic consciousness. Friends who often travel and stay in hotels will often notice that the style design of many hotel furniture can be said to be different, and there are many personalized designs; users will also have higher requirements for the things they use when they travel.

Therefore, many hotel furniture manufacturers will continue to design more personalized hotel furniture to meet the needs of customers. So what does this personalization include? The softness and hardness of furniture materials, the warmth and coldness of colors, and the simplicity of decoration will all arouse people's strong psychological reactions. Therefore, contemporary furniture design varies from person to person, and more emphasis is placed on individuality. Customized furniture design methods and production methods will be in the furniture There are more in the production and distribution of . The pursuit of personalization has penetrated into all walks of life. Whether it is household furniture, panels or finished products a few years ago, they were all finished products made by manufacturers, and then consumers choose and buy them. This year, personalization is becoming more and more prosperous. People's From an aesthetic point of view, the design concept has its own ideas, and even more is to manufacture products for its own ideas; the shape design of furniture, material selection and matching, decorative texture types, color design, etc. take people's psychological needs into consideration.

Therefore, in many hotel furniture products, what kind of point is the rough outline based on? In our communication with many customers, they are very concerned about the feasibility of their matching. In the design of hotel furniture scale, the height design of cabinets and tables is based on the standing position of people; the furniture used for seating, such as desks, dining tables, etc., should be based on the reference point of the seat; For sofas, etc., the horizontal reference point shall prevail. In addition, the width, depth, inclination, and curvature of the backrest fully consider the scale of the human body and the various parts of the law of movement.

The depth design of the cabinet furniture, the height of the desk and the flexibility design of the leg space, and the mattress must also be people-oriented, starting from the physiological needs of people.

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