Key points for selecting office furniture in different styles of office decoration


Office furniture generally refers to the home used for working in the office and at home. Generally, there are desks and chairs, cabinets that have stored files, etc. The choice of office furniture can be made according to your own needs and the role of the environment. Improve office efficiency. Before selection, we need to formulate the style and size of office furniture according to the company's decoration style, area, layout, etc. This step is to avoid the situation that the office furniture cannot fit or does not match the overall style after hard work.

Dongguan office furniture manufacturers need to pay more attention to the following aspects in the process of product selection: 1. Whether the product workmanship is fine. When selecting products, we should pay more attention to whether the products have defects such as bubbles, degumming, and scratches. There are also details such as whether the welt is consistent, whether the glue is evenly applied, and whether the gap between the door gaps is reasonable, etc. can also show whether the product is fine in workmanship.

If you do not pay attention to these details when purchasing, there will be many unnecessary troubles in the follow-up. 2. Whether the amount of formaldehyde released reaches the standard. For office workers, up to eight hours of working time are spent in the office. If there is a strong smell of formaldehyde from the "skin-friendly" desk every day, it will undoubtedly be harmful to everyone's health. create a threat.

Therefore, when selecting office furniture, we can ask the store to provide a professional quality inspection report to see if the formaldehyde emission is up to standard. 3. Whether the product functions are complete. When choosing office furniture, we should not only pay attention to the quality of the product but also to the functionality of the product.

A quality standard, full-featured product will make the office more convenient. For example, a desk with its own inductive charger can be charged automatically with just one touch. 4. Is the color matching beautiful?

Different color combinations will give people different feelings. For example, the combination of orange and yellow will make people feel warm and sunny, the combination of sky blue and white will make people feel peaceful and comfortable, and grass green and yellow will give people a fresh and jumpy feeling. According to the company's overall environment and corporate culture, you can choose an office tool with a suitable color matching. 5. Whether the after-sales service is perfect.

What should I do if some products of office furniture are found to be unsuitable after purchase, or problems appear after a short period of use, but no one pays attention to the manufacturer? In this situation, most of the consumers are dumb to eat Coptis chinensis—they can’t tell the pain. Therefore, when choosing a product, you should also check the reputation of the manufacturer to see if the manufacturer provides after-sales services such as on-site installation and warranty period. If there is any problem, you can return it.

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