Home Office Furniture Craftsmanship and Structural Composition Design Tips


The process structure of home office furniture determines its quality and whether the core application value can be fully implemented. In addition to the production of duplex home office furniture, when customizing home office furniture, it is usually necessary to design on-demand structural processes according to customer needs, because It is necessary to consider the energy efficiency in terms of decoration, stability, rationality, efficiency, etc., so there are many key points in the design that need to be grasped and controlled. Coordination of proportion and scale To reflect the artistic sense of the craft structure, it is necessary to coordinate the proportion and scale. There is such a term as the golden section in design. When it is applied to a desk, it refers to the position of the middle point of some assemblies and connectors. For example, the position of the horizontal bar on the table frame structure will make the mechanism More beautiful, which needs to be grasped and coordinated according to the designer's own feeling.

Grasp Stability and Skills Stability is one of the main qualities of home office furniture. With stability, home office furniture will not be easily broken, and its lifespan will be longer. This is precisely shown in the design of the process structure, which requires Grasp some skills, make the best stability design scheme according to different design requirements, and the style decoration must be based on such a stable foundation. Function and flexibility Shaping the function of home office furniture is the most important, and the design of process structure is only to make the function of home office furniture more effective. Therefore, the main direction of design is to focus on functional efficiency and structural art Sense is supplemented. The functions of home office furniture not only require efficiency but also flexibility. Free assembly, folding, automation, etc. are all manifestations of flexible functions, which are related to structural design.

Structural composition of home office furniture Panels occupy an important position in leaning home office furniture and are a major component. It not only requires a smooth surface, but also has good manufacturability, and requires no deformation under stress in terms of structure. The selected materials have certain water resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance after coating and surface treatment, so as to meet the requirements of different occasions.

The panels in home office furniture are usually made of wood, such as solid wood panels, block boards, hollow cladding panels, particle boards, multi-layer plywood, etc., as well as traditional tongue and groove panels and movable cores suitable for small tables (tables). panel. There are also countertops made of metal, plastic, glass, marble, ceramic, fabric, etc. The edge of the home office furniture panel is often touched and bumped, so it is required to have a firm edge banding, which is higher than that of cabinet home office furniture.

Home office furniture In the table (table) home office furniture with extended functions, the main structural feature of the panel is that it is attached with an auxiliary panel, which can change the shape of the panel through folding or linkage devices, such as from square to rectangle, by Square to round, from round to oval, etc., to meet the needs of changing usage requirements.

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