Office decoration home office furniture configuration size introduction


Home office furniture refers to the work furniture used in the office or at home. Simply put, home office furniture is desks and office chairs. To be more complicated, it refers to all office items in the office. Furniture is generally divided into home office furniture and household furniture. There are many types of assembly parts for home office furniture. From the material, it can be divided into panel home office furniture, rigid office furniture, metal home office furniture, software home office furniture, etc.; from the use of occasions, there are offices, open staff offices, meeting rooms, reading rooms, and library reference rooms. , training classrooms, laboratories, staff dormitories; From the use of functions, it is mainly divided into: desks, office chairs, office screens, sofas, office coffee tables, filing cabinets, bookcases, etc. When decorating an office, according to the size and number of people in the office, the first thing to consider when choosing a desk is the desk size. Different office areas have different desk sizes.

But if you observe carefully, you will find that there is not much difference in the size of the home office furniture of all companies. In fact, the size of the desk has a certain standard. Unlike the furniture in our home, the size of the desk is rarely customized. Unless some companies have special requirements for the design, what is the general size of the desk? Standard size of the latest desk: The main dimensions (ie functional dimensions) of home office furniture are stipulated in national standards. If the home office furniture is smaller or smaller than the specified size, it will cause a lot of inconvenience and affect the use. The size of the desk is mainly determined according to the height of the person, and the height of the desk is generally around 780 mm.

The general size of the desk or the general size of the desk is general: length 1200mm-1600mm, width 500mm-650mm, height 700mm-800mm. Chairman and general manager's desk size: length 2600mm-3600mm, depth about 1200mm-2000mm, height 750mm-780mm, plus a luxurious leather boss chair, which makes people look majestic and domineering. Manager-level desk size: The manager’s desk should be smaller, generally 1800mm-2600mm in length, 1000mm-1800mm in depth, and 750mm-780mm in height.

Positions above the manager level usually use solid wood desks, which also look luxurious and distinguish them from ordinary staff desks. Staff desk size: The general staff desk size is 1000mm-1400mm in length, 550mm-700mm in width, and 750mm in height. In addition, sales staff who need to make calls use screen desks to avoid mutual influence, also called partition desks, separated by baffles in the middle. The size of this desk is generally 600mm-1200mm in length and 400mm-600mm in width. , 750mm high, and the desktop has a screen baffle of about 250mm or even higher.

Home office furniture manufacturers desk type solid wood edge banding products, the general style is very solid, there is no special shape, the overall feeling is heavy, and the color is different, because the edge sealed by solid wood is generally autumn wood , but the surface of the board will be very flat, the finish of the paint is very good, the grade is high, and it is different. Products with veneer When you choose products with veneer, you should first pull out the drawer to see if there are no burrs on the left and right sides of the slides. Medium density board (2.5 thickness) is the main one, and when signing the purchase contract, supervise the promoters to write down the material, so as to guarantee your own legitimate rights and interests. Home office furniture veneer desk is the most common product at present. It has many advantages and disadvantages, such as low price and good color, but the quality of the board is poor and does not prolong the life. Generally, it will age and change shape in about one to two years. But if the inner board is used well, you can use this table for three to five years, but you must ensure that the room is dry and ventilated, because when veneering, some chemical ingredients will be added to the glue, which is somewhat harmful to your health will affect.

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