Introduction to the display of humanized design concept of home office furniture


The design of home office furniture should not only reflect the business style and create a business and rigorous atmosphere, but also should be humanized to create a relaxed and free atmosphere. The optimized design of home office furniture will be able to give furniture users an experience that is more in line with the background of the place, and it can also use the use of home office furniture to improve work efficiency and bring convenience to work. With the rapid development of the network and computers, the traditional working methods have been silent in people's memory. Different from the user group, etc., it shows a unique personality, and humanization is one of the outstanding personalities.

"Humanized design" refers to the idea of ​​"people-oriented", on the premise of meeting people's material, spiritual, physical and psychological requirements, and using artificial intelligence as a means to create safe, comfortable and pleasant products. design method. "Humanization" is not a specific technical concept, but a design concept. Its related theories include ergonomics, psychology, behavior, sociology, etc. Humanization emphasizes how to treat these theories and technologies. How to deal with their relationship with people, and adapt to or lead changes in people's customs, views and life patterns. Humanization is the higher pursuit of social development. It contains human touch, but it is not equal to humanization. Humanized design often appears with a distinctive face, which brings novel feelings to people. The connection between humanization and fashion is even stronger. Closer.

As a necessity for people's work, home office furniture is widely used in people's work, and its main function is to meet people's work requirements. So what are the main aspects of the humanized design of home office furniture? (1) In terms of function Compared with handicrafts, it needs to be practical and durable in terms of function. Psychologically, various requirements of people should be met, such as convenient storage and comfortable sitting.

At present, designers generally believe that designing a new type of home office furniture is equivalent to designing a new type of office. When designing home office furniture, most designers not only need to meet people's material needs, but also show people's spiritual needs. A subtle function can increase the interest of users. Therefore, in the functional design, not only to meet the behavioral requirements, but also to bring people a pleasant feeling.

(2) In terms of shape With the continuous changes in the design concepts and popular elements of home office furniture, most of the current office furniture is simple and generous in shape, and the beautiful state design can bring people a good visual experience. Compared with traditional home office furniture, modern home office furniture must not only pay great attention to shape, but also meet the comfort needs of users. Only on the basis of meeting people's functional needs can various shapes be used to design beautiful and comfortable home office furniture.

(3) Materials Material directly determines the aesthetics of home office furniture, and home office furniture with good materials can allow people to gain aesthetic appeal in application. The overall shape of all home office furniture is reflected by the material. It can be seen that the material is not only the key to the formation of home office furniture, but also the carrier that transmits various factors of home office furniture. Therefore, in the process of material design, not only the psychological feelings of the users should be considered, but also the application safety of the users should be considered.

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