Talking about the customization process and material structure design of hotel furniture


Although hotel furniture customization can meet people's diverse needs, because many aspects are not standardized, once problems arise, consumers' rights and interests are often not guaranteed. Therefore, when consumers choose customized products, they cannot blindly pursue individuality and ignore the requirements for household output and standards. What is the customization process and material structure design of hotel furniture? The evaluation of the quality of the hotel is inseparable from the comfort of the hotel furniture. A good hotel naturally needs to be equipped with comfortable and high-quality hotel furniture. Do you know the process of customizing hotel furniture? When we design the material structure of hotel furniture, what are the most important aspects? 1. Hotel furniture customization process: (1) Communication: The owner communicates with the custom furniture manufacturer or design company to express the intention of custom furniture, Then the manufacturer sends a designer to communicate directly with the owner to understand the owner's demand for furniture; (2) Visit samples: the designer leads the owner to visit the sample display, inspect the furniture production process and process, and communicate the required configuration and furniture style of the furniture; (3) ) On-site measurement: The designer makes preliminary on-site measurements in order to determine the size, floor area and layout requirements of the furniture, which involves the matching of various lamps, curtains, carpets and other soft furnishings in the home; (4) Draw drawings: according to the measurement As a result, the drawings and design drawings are drawn on site; (5) Communication: Communicate the design plan with the owner; (6) Interview: After the designer completes the formal design drawing, he will meet with the owner again to negotiate and adjust the details to achieve the final satisfaction of the owner (7) Production: The manufacturer starts to produce furniture, and maintains communication with the owner at any time in order to determine the materials, colors, etc., and invite the owner to inspect the furniture after completion; 2. Hotel furniture material structure design: (1) Material cost: In the case of meeting the requirements of use, try to use low-cost materials, pay attention to the use of the same small piece of material while using large surface materials, and comprehensively improve the utilization rate of the board.

Generally, the quantity of hotel furniture is relatively large. Try to use computer to arrange material reasonably, and comprehensively utilize large and small pieces of material to reduce material costs. Different structures, pay attention to the comparison of material costs. (2) Efficient production: In the case of the same material cost, that material is easy to process, and that process can save process costs and improve efficiency, especially in end milling, engraving and engraving processes, that material is easy to process and cut, easy to smooth tidy.

(3) Transportation and installation: Hotel floors are generally high, requiring hotel furniture to be light and easy to transport. In particular, some one-piece bed backs and some extended desks cannot be transported by elevators. The freight elevators are generally dismantled during the installation of hotel furniture. How to transport them safely requires special consideration in terms of material weight and structure. (4) Most of the hotel furniture is fixed furniture, and the general structural panel is the main type. Wood screws, hardware connectors and adhesives are used as the joining method.

When using materials, attention should be paid to different material properties, such as particle board and medium density board, which have poor nail holding power, and should not be used in parts that require frequent activities or strong nail holding power, such as door hinge screw parts, drawer bottom rails The screw part is easy to loosen and produce sound. Special attention should be paid to the hardware pendants on the bed screen and mirror frame wall, or wood should be used instead for reinforcement. Some popular wooden square 45-degree upside-down structures. (5) Safety performance: General hotels do not have clear regulations on the amount of free formaldehyde, but there are hotel furniture fire protection requirements. If the hotel allows, some parts can use fireproof boards, anti-scald paint, flame-retardant fabrics, etc.

High-end hotels even require that the wood used to make hotel furniture be fire-resistant. The appearance quality of hotel furniture customization first requires that the hotel furniture table top is flat, the workmanship is fine, the decoration is delicate, and the texture is clear and beautiful. Guest room furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminated board, etc. as the base material, and veneer, wood veneer, and plywood as the cladding material.

Different substrates and cladding materials have different material properties. If you do not pay attention to the properties of the material and the correct method of use, it will often lead to warping of the board.

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