Talking about the quality requirements of hotel furniture in terms of workmanship and design


Hotel furniture has extremely high requirements on the quality of furniture. When we live in a hotel, we will find that not only the quality of hotel furniture is very good, but also in terms of workmanship and design, hotel furniture is also very good. A good hotel decoration will have its own unique characteristics, furniture and decoration will create an atmosphere that makes people indulge in it. When choosing their own furniture, the hotel will also pay attention to the feelings of the guests, and want to meet the needs of the guests as much as possible.

So, what are the specific requirements for the quality of hotel furniture? When you travel, you will definitely stay in a hotel. Whether the hotel is tall or not may be second to ordinary people, but whether the facilities in the hotel are complete is what everyone values ​​very much. This is especially important for people who come to rest and stay overnight. . Therefore, when the hotel chooses its own furniture, it will also pay attention to the feelings of the guests, and want to meet the needs of the guests as much as possible. In fact, there are roughly a few points regarding the quality requirements of hotel furniture.

The first requirement should be the furniture style of the hotel. After all, everyone’s hobbies are different. If you want to satisfy your customers, you must start from the customer’s ideas. The style of furniture in a room must be different, but it means that you can create several different styles for your customers to choose from. Secondly, what I want to talk about is that the quality of hotel furniture must be better because it needs to be used for a long time, but the quality of furniture generally depends on the board of the furniture. Different boards are used for different times, and the visual effects for everyone are also different. , Some furniture can be used for a long time without discoloration or deformation, but some furniture is difficult to do. Therefore, when choosing hotel furniture, if there are any requirements for quality, the most important thing to do is the choice of furniture panels.

Appearance quality firstly requires hotel furniture to have flat table tops, fine workmanship, delicate decoration, and clear and beautiful textures. Guest room furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminated board, etc. as the base material, and veneer, wood veneer, and plywood as the cladding material. Different substrates and cladding materials have different material properties. If you do not pay attention to the properties of the material and the correct method of use, it will often lead to warping of the board.

The structural characteristics of the cladding materials on the back and front of the panel must be the same or similar. The moisture content of the base material is generally required to be 6-10%, and the selected materials should be from the same batch as possible. In the workshop processing, try to shorten the time of loading and pressing, different material properties, different moisture content of cladding materials, pay attention to different glue thickness, pressing time and pressure. Nowadays, many hotels have very high quality requirements in the selection of hotel furniture. After all, everyone's aesthetics and requirements for many things are improving. Only when the hotel serves everyone better can it be recognized by everyone.

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