The industry development trend of low-carbon and environmentally friendly home office furniture


Modern home office furniture has rich colors, bright red, fresh grass green, bright yellow, bright purple and a series of bright colors have come one after another, and have become the protagonists of today and the next few years. Many designers have chosen a gorgeous color Color is used as the main color system of furniture to create a complete set of furniture products, and different design concepts are expressed with different materials. With the continuous deterioration of the global climate and environment, home office furniture also pays more attention to nature and environmental protection, especially the selection of panels also pays more attention to low-carbon environmental protection. As an important member of the furniture market, home office furniture has always been the focus of attention in the industry.

Nowadays, low-carbon environmental protection has been added to the design elements of home office furniture. Definition of low-carbon and environmentally friendly home office furniture The formaldehyde content of home office furniture is an important indicator to measure its environmental protection. Only home office furniture made of materials that meet national environmental protection standards can be called environmentally friendly home office furniture. There are also some original ecological materials, such as solid wood home office furniture, which are environmentally friendly only if they are made of materials that are harmless to the human body.

If it is an inferior product, it will seriously threaten human health. On the contrary, high-quality low-carbon environmental protection home office furniture can not only create a warm and comfortable office environment, but also ensure the health of users, which directly affects people's work efficiency. Is of great significance. So, what about low-carbon and environmentally friendly home office furniture? In order to cater to consumers, some home office furniture manufacturers will advertise that their products are truly low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but their words are unfounded, and environmentally friendly furniture has its own. When purchasing home office furniture, it is more credible to ask the manufacturer for relevant environmental protection certificates and testing guarantees. In addition, the production process of environmentally friendly home office furniture will not pollute the environment, cause damage to the human body, and can also be reused without causing waste of resources.

Environmentally friendly furniture refers to those based on the ecological industry, rationally developed and produced using natural materials, which can meet the specific needs of users, benefit the health of users, and have extremely high cultural heritage and technological content. First of all, furniture that has no hidden dangers of poisoning and injury to people, meets the various needs of users, and meets environmental protection requirements in terms of production process and recycling is low-carbon environmentally friendly furniture. It includes several meanings: 1. It should have high artistic connotation and aesthetic function, echo the interior design, and create a harmonious and beautiful home office environment; 2. The furniture itself has no pollution, and the auxiliary materials of low-carbon environmental protection furniture should be economic Energy, non-polluting, easy to recover.

3. It is easy to take back, process, and reuse. When the furniture is no longer used for processing, it will not pollute the environment. The materials used for low-carbon and environmentally friendly furniture tend to be natural. They do not contain harmful substances and emit no harmful gases. Even if they are no longer used, they are easy to recycle and reuse. 4. The product design of low-carbon environment-friendly furniture conforms to the principles of ergonomics, reduces redundant functions, and will not adversely affect or damage the human body under normal or abnormal use conditions.

5. In the planning and production process of low-carbon and environmentally friendly furniture, the product life cycle should be extended as much as possible to make the furniture more durable, thereby reducing energy consumption in reprocessing. Low-carbon and environment-friendly home office furniture has become increasingly popular, and low-carbon and environment-friendly furniture has gradually become an important factor for consumers to consider when purchasing furniture. Green furniture refers to those furniture based on the ecological industry, rationally developed and produced by using natural materials that can meet the specific needs of users, benefit the health of users, and have extremely high cultural heritage and technological content.

Low-carbon environmental protection design refers to the optimization of relevant design elements while fully considering the product's function, quality, development cycle and cost during the design of the product and its life cycle, so that the home office furniture product and its manufacturing process are more effective. The overall impact on the environment is minimal, the utilization rate of resources is extremely high, and the functional value is quite good.

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