The manufacturer recommends customizing home and office furniture. You need to know the following related knowledge


The design style of the office area is increasingly showing the individuality of the company. It is no longer so rigid and unified. The supporting home office furniture is more diverse, and it also pays more attention to the office environment, office comfort, and corporate image. Home office furniture products can not meet the needs of the current company, home office furniture customization came into being, and gradually become the mainstream of the home office furniture market. Nowadays, the customization of home office furniture has become a trend. Designers come to measure and design, and create home office furniture that is more suitable for the development of the company according to the characteristics of the company and the needs of employees. It perfectly integrates and makes full use of the office space to highlight the corporate culture. But in order to better customize home office furniture, I suggest that you understand these first! Customized home office furniture manufacturers can not only provide high-quality home office furniture products, but also have the ability to plan office environments.

After checking the site and requirements on the spot, a complete office environment design plan will be provided, including complete design plans, product samples, material descriptions, quantities, etc., fully reflecting the needs, and putting forward reasonable collocation suggestions for home office furniture. At present, the types of customized home office furniture mainly include conference tables, office tables, and screens. When choosing custom home office furniture, be sure to determine the type and size of custom home office furniture products according to the office area.

If the office area is limited, in the case of many employees, space saving should be the main focus. If the office screen and table set should be as simple as possible in shape, the volume should be relatively small, so as not to appear crowded. It is often heard that some people complain that the custom-made home office furniture does not match the office decoration style. In this regard, it is recommended to determine the style of home office furniture before office decoration, and then customize and purchase home office furniture and sofas according to this style, so as to avoid the situation that home office furniture and office decoration styles are not uniform. .

In addition, many people choose to customize home office furniture, in addition to pursuing individuality, they also want to save money. If the budget is limited, don't make unnecessary designs for the pursuit of individuality, causing unnecessary waste. Do not be greedy for cheap custom-made home office furniture. Some cheap furniture may not have any defects on the surface, but after a period of use, the material, workmanship and accessories of the furniture may affect the actual use.

Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing custom-made home office furniture, you should first make a budget according to your actual needs, shop around, and finally determine the products you want to order. Although customized home office furniture meets individual needs, there are also many troubles. In order to avoid these problems, acceptance is very important. You can check whether the surface paint film is smooth, bright, whether there are quality defects such as flow, air bubbles, and wrinkles. Whether the edge sealing is tight and straight, whether there is degumming, whether the surface is smooth and flat, and whether there is any bump.

In addition, it is necessary to observe the workmanship of home office furniture, which can be observed from the combination part to see the connection points between each component of home office furniture.

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