The principle of hotel furniture customization and the introduction of different types


Hotel furniture Unknowingly, hotel custom furniture has become a popular fashion. Tailor-made furniture is not only more in line with your own aesthetics, but also can make better use of the effective space of the hotel. However, there are many things to pay attention to when customizing hotel furniture. The following professional hotel furniture customization will take you to look at the principles in the furniture manufacturing process.

1. The principle of materiality Structural design is inseparable from the properties of materials, and understanding material properties is the necessary basis for furniture structural design. Different materials have different compositional elements and organizational structures. The physical, mechanical and processing properties of materials will vary greatly, and the connections between parts will show their own characteristics. The form of solid wood furniture is frame structure, mortise and tenon connection, and its rationality can be formed by linear components in the frame.

This is due to the difficulty in controlling the wood drying shrinkage and moisture expansion characteristics of solid wood panel members. As for the mortise and tenon connection, it is also provided by the wood structure and viscoelasticity. Although wood-based panels overcome the defects of wood anisotropy, the natural structure of wood (especially fiberboard and particleboard) is destroyed during the manufacturing process, and many mechanical properties (the most obvious bending strength) are greatly reduced, so the mortise and tenon structure cannot For wood-based panels.

However, the advantage of dimensional stability of wood-based panels has opened up a new way for the connection of panel furniture. Therefore, the structure of modern furniture, wooden furniture is mainly mortise and tenon connection, panel furniture is mainly welding, metal furniture is mainly riveting, bamboo and rattan furniture is mainly textile, binding is mainly, plastic furniture is mainly casting, riveting. , Glass furniture is mainly cast, mainly riveted, and glass furniture is mainly hinged. According to the furniture material, selection, and determination of the connection method, this is an effective method for structural design.

Second, the principle of stability The main task of hotel furniture structure design is to ensure that the product is firm and stable. One of the attributes of furniture is its function. Various products will be affected by external forces during use.

If a product cannot overcome external forces to maintain its stability, it will lose its basic function. The main task of furniture structure design is to rationally construct the support system of the product by using mechanical principles according to the force characteristics of the product, so as to ensure the normal use of the product.

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