The quality and performance of hotel furniture need to pay attention to the selection of materials


Now hotels are paying more and more attention to the quality and performance of hotel furniture. When purchasing, hotels must meet the needs of customers and make them feel at home. In addition to the requirements for appearance, its material structure directly affects the use effect of hotel furniture. How much do you know about related knowledge? 1. Pay attention to its safety performance. Although general hotels do not have clear regulations on the amount of free formaldehyde, they have furniture fire protection requirements, and certain parts can use fireproof boards, flame-retardant fabrics, and anti-scald paints, etc., if the hotel allows it.

High-end hotels require that the wood used to make furniture be fire-resistant. In addition, attention should be paid to its material cost, transportation installation and efficient production. 2. Pay attention to its appearance quality.

Different substrates and cladding materials have different characteristics. If you do not pay attention to the characteristics of the materials or use them incorrectly, the boards will often warp. Hotel furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminated board, etc. as the base material, and veneer, wood veneer, and plywood as the cladding material. Ensure that the furniture countertop is flat, the decoration is delicate, the workmanship is fine, and the texture is clear.

3. Pay attention to its structural strength. Hotel furniture is generally fixed furniture, and the joint method generally uses wood screws, hardware connectors and adhesives. We should pay special attention to the characteristics of different materials. For example, particle board and medium density board have poor nail holding power, so do not use them in places that require strong nail holding power or frequent activities, such as the screw part of the bottom rail of the pumping rail, otherwise it is easy to loosen and cause noise. .

Common hotel furniture materials are as follows: 1. Fiberboard Five-star hotel furniture often chooses fiberboard when customizing furniture. The ability of the original shape is very strong, and it is more suitable than particleboard in terms of strength and hardness. Fiberboard is made of powdered wood fiber pressed at high temperature, not easy to deform, easy to disassemble and transport, and melamine is often used to process fiberboard on the market, so fiberboard has the advantages of moisture resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, but due to processing The fine investment is large and the cost is high, and the price of fiberboard is relatively high. 2. There is another material of blockboard is blockboard, we can also call it large core board, this material is mainly made of natural rotary-cut veneer and solid wood jigsaw board after gluing, hot pressing and other procedures. into the board.

There are two methods of making blockboards, machine-made and hand-made. The hand-made method is mainly to use manpower to inlay the wooden strips in the plywood of the wooden strips, but the result of this method is The blockboard has poor extrusion ability and is not suitable as a material for cutting and processing. However, the board made by the machine does not have this disadvantage. On the contrary, it has a strong weighing capacity and is not easy to deform. 3. Particleboard Particleboard for hotel furniture is also called particle board. Most of its materials are taken from artificial or natural tree trunks and branches for processing.

The long wood fibers in the middle and the fine wood fibers on both sides are pressed into boards by means of high temperature and high pressure. The size of particleboard is 18mm and 25mm, because of its small expansion rate and strong stability, it is often chosen when five-star hotel furniture is customized. However, the quality of particleboards on the market often has a large difference, and it is not easy to distinguish between true and false. Some particleboards are very rough on the edges, causing moisture to enter, and the inside of the board is loose. The quality of the particleboards is greatly reduced. Be very careful when choosing.

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