The three most noteworthy points of hotel furniture customization


As one of the carriers of hotel design style, furniture is the main element that embodies different cultural characteristics and provides different functional services. Professional hotel furniture focuses on creating a unique hotel cultural atmosphere for customers, embodying consideration for people from the most subtle aspects, and the furniture and the indoor environment of the hotel are integrated and complement each other. 1. Materials First of all, we will introduce the materials used in five-star hotel furniture customization.

Everyone knows that the materials used in five-star hotel furniture customization can not only affect the service life of the product, but also have a direct impact on the price of the product, making the prices of products made of different materials different. At present, the materials commonly used to make furniture are plank, solid wood and combination of plank and wood. Among them, the custom price of solid wood hotel furniture is the highest; the second is the combination of plank and wood; Environmentally friendly and practical effects can be achieved. 2. Style What are the precautions that everyone should know about hotel furniture customization? This brings you an introduction to the custom style of hotel furniture.

At present, the more common hotel furniture customization styles include Mediterranean style, Chinese style, Korean pastoral style, European pastoral style, European minimalist style, neoclassical style, American classical style and American pastoral style, etc. Various styles create different living spaces to meet the needs of different consumers . However, the furniture style decoration in a room should be uniform, so as to ensure the coordination of the overall space, so as not to make its products abrupt, which will bring bad feelings to the people who come to stay. 3. Functions In the process of hotel furniture customization, not only are there strict requirements on appearance design, but also want to use various reasonable space designs to increase internal storage space or add other functions to make it extremely usable.

In the process of hotel furniture customization, you can ask designers to pay more attention to practicality in product design, and at the same time, you can also add a little humanized design, so that the furniture can show many charms in the details, so as to bring comfort to those who come to stay feel.

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