Today we introduce the characteristics of hotel furniture design


There are many types of modern hotel furniture. According to the functional division of the hotel, the furniture in the public area is for guests to rest, including sofas, chairs, coffee tables, etc.; the furniture in the catering part includes dining tables, dining chairs, bar counters, coffee tables and chairs, etc.; the furniture in the guest room includes beds, bedside tables, Sofa, coffee table, desk, seat, wall cabinet for storing items, etc. The larger the high-end hotel, the more types of furniture that undertake social functions, while the functions of economical hotels are simpler, and the types of furniture are relatively reduced.

With the change of the times and the rapid development, the hotel and catering industry are also following the fashion trend towards the simple and realistic design. Whether it is European-style furniture or new Chinese-style furniture, it is becoming more and more colorful and diverse. , But in any case, the choice of people's hotel furniture must be in line with the style of the hotel. In other words, the characteristics of the hotel should be designed in terms of applicability, expressiveness, neutrality, and humanization. Humanization of hotel furniture.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's life pursuits are becoming more and more diversified and humanized. Different people have different temperaments and styles, and they also have different preferences for various styles of furniture. Some have the charm of Feng Shui, some have obvious color contrast, some have unique shapes, quite distinctive tastes, some have a long history, and some have obvious plastic arts. Everyone's pursuit of chemical substances The perfection and requirements are very high. When choosing products closely related to daily life, we pay more attention to environmental protection and healthy furniture products. A good hotel and family environment will definitely add infinite warmth to your hotel or home. The expressive power of hotel furniture. Generally, for practical products, people consider its operation mode and materials comprehensively. A well-designed furniture is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very appetizing in appearance, and also in touch. I feel very comfortable.

And if the artistic level of the furniture is high, it can also embellish people's psychology of pursuing fashion. The applicability of hotel furniture. Hotel furniture is mainly the application-oriented, decorative design-assisted standard, and the simple design is more popular among contemporary people.

The most important thing about today's hotel furniture is that it is required to be easy to use. When purchasing, it also attaches great importance to its versatility. For the small living area of ​​most homes today, these fancy but not easy to use There is no doubt that furniture becomes an arrangement of floor space. The neutrality of hotel furniture. Generally, the hotel furniture of this kind of design is very popular, and can be consistent with the hotel or family environment of each style and color. When you choose a set of hotel furniture customization with light colors, it can add warmth and harmony to your life. brilliant.

The design of personalized customized furniture for a suite of hotels tends to be more home-like, and it is a set of customized furniture favored by young couples.

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