What are office table used for?


What Are Office Tables Used For?

For most people, an office is a place where work gets done. Whether you are an employer, employee, or entrepreneur, an office is typically where you spend the greater part of your day. Within an office, a desk or an office table is an essential piece of furniture that everyone depends on for various tasks. Office tables come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, all serving different purposes.

This article explains what office tables are, their primary uses, and the different types of office tables you are likely to encounter.

Office Tables: What are they?

Office tables are a type of furniture designed for use in a workspace or office. They function as a work surface that provides ample space for various office tasks, including reading, writing, and computer work.

Most office tables feature a flat top surface and legs that support the work surface. Office tables are typically rectangular, although there are other shapes such as round, oval, and square tables. Rectangular-shaped desks offer more space than other shapes taking into consideration the corners available. Meanwhile, round and square tables save space and can be used for collaborative projects that require frequent communication.

Primary Uses of Office Tables

Now that we know what office tables are let's highlight their primary uses.


An office desk or table is often the central piece of furniture in the workspace. It provides ample space for office equipment such as computers, printers, telephones or papers, and writing materials. A desk's height and size should be comfortable for the secretary, accountant or any other office worker to ensure they have a comfortable and efficient workspace.


Office tables are expeditiously used for meetings, briefings, or collaborations. A conference or meeting table provides a large workspace, comfortable chairs, and enough room to accommodate more than one person. This type of desk is large and mainly reserved in a conference room or meeting room, where ideas can be shared, plans discussed or strategies formulated.


Some office tables have shelving units or drawers, which serve as an efficient storage solution for office supplies, files, and paperwork. Technically, anything that can store documents or supplies, and is used in a workspace, is considered an office table, which could also mean that wall-mounted cabinets or credenza tables could be regarded as office tables.

Types of Office Tables

Having outlined the primary uses of office tables, here are a few types of office tables commonly found in workspaces and offices.

Executive desk

An executive office table is one of the largest and more elaborate designs of office tables. It is often reserved for top executives such as the CEO, Director or Manager. This table provides ample workspace and has sufficient storage space, including filing cabinets and shelves.

Reception desk

The reception desk is also commonly found in workspaces or offices. It is the central point of contact for clients and visitors visiting the office. The table's design should be impressive and professional, ensuring that the visitors are wowed even before formulating an opinion of your business operations.

Computer desk

As the name implies, computer tables are designed for computer use. They offer ample space for a computer or laptop and have sufficient space for accessories such as a mouse or keyboard.

Standing desk

Standing desks are relatively new and growing in popularity. These particular office tables allow you to stand while you work. This encourages an individual to stay active and promotes good health while working.

In conclusion, having a good office table is an essential part of maximizing your work output. Office tables come in different shapes, sizes, and designs that cater to specific requirements. Whether you are an independent contractor, an employee in a large corporation, or an entrepreneur running your own business, your office table is always going to come in handy no matter what industry you are in.


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