What are the primary considerations in the design of environmentally friendly home office furniture?


As consumers continue to pursue the working environment and quality of life, the concept of green and environmentally friendly home office furniture is becoming more and more popular. The so-called green home office furniture refers to home office furniture products developed and designed with environmental protection as the core concept. , has the characteristics of being disassembled, disassembled, reassembled, parts and raw materials can be recycled. Environmental protection is the most important thing in the furniture industry now. In the design of furniture, the environmental protection performance of furniture must also be considered. Furniture and people get along day and night, especially in a closed office environment. After many new offices are renovated, the smell is strong, the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, and the emission of carbon dioxide is high, which will cause great damage to human health.

Home office furniture sits close to people and hugs each other. If the home office furniture contains harmful substances and emits a lot of harmful gases, the damage to the human body will be direct. Environmentally friendly home office furniture refers to healthy and green home office furniture. Furniture, which means that the design should not only consider the practicability of the furniture, but more importantly, the sustainable use of the product. So what are the design concepts of environmentally friendly home office furniture? 1. Product safety Environmentally friendly home office furniture refers to the raw materials used when using natural materials, and a small part uses adhesives to ensure that the normal use of home office furniture will not harm the human body. 2. Sustainable utilization of products and resources means that parts and components can be disassembled and differentiated, and some parts can be used from scratch after processing, thereby reducing damage to forest resources and maintaining ecological balance. 3. The development direction of modularization and scale On the basis of the functional analysis of home office furniture, a series of functional modules of home office furniture are distinguished and planned, and general modules and special modules are combined into different home office furniture through standardized interfaces , to meet the market demand.

An overall plan for diversification of needs is a way of accomplishing product diversification on the basis of a standardized plan. 4. On-demand production In order to attract more consumers, designers and home office furniture manufacturers are facing a big problem, that is, how to quickly and efficiently produce products that meet the needs and preferences of consumers. For designers, if they can grasp the psychology and ideas of consumers and deepen the exploration of consumer perception and needs, then they can successfully develop high-quality products.

The design of home office furniture style is the soul of interior design, and it is also an eye-catching part. The same graphic design has different styles of application. On the one hand, the style design is related to the graphic design, and more importantly depends on the style and color of the furniture. This also needs to fully consider the individual and unique requirements of customers; on the other hand, it must meet the aesthetic requirements and pursue beauty and harmony. Artistic value, creating unique cultural value for customers.

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