What are the techniques for office decoration partitions?


The color matching of intelligent partitions respects the objective needs of owners and employees, often using imitation cotton and linen fabrics, imitation natural wood, etc., and most of the colors use a saturated, clearer, softer and deeper mixed color, not only in limited Create a broad visual space environment for employees in a large space, and also create a comfortable and satisfactory personal working environment for employees within the scope of work. To a certain extent, the color of office space will affect people's working conditions, job satisfaction, communication comfort and quality. When high-brightness and dark colors are used on the large surface of the office space, employees will work better and can experience the vast space environment.

However, because individuals have different sensitivities to environmental color changes, it is impossible to accurately measure and control the color design of the office environment. The colors of natural materials are soft and clear, saturated and rich, which can meet the individual needs of different individuals in terms of physiology, psychology and emotion. Choosing the color series of natural materials is a design shortcut. 2. Scale design of office decoration partition In office design, this type of partition is mostly used.

Openness means that the partition height of the area is about 750mm ~ 1100mm. It is often used for office resources, or between employees who need unimpeded communication, and can also be used for reception. In the design of office space, this kind of partition is often used in the office area of ​​ordinary employees. The partition height of semi-enclosed private work room or meeting room is about 1200mm, which is a relatively hidden space; In addition to adding lockers, computers and other office automation equipment can be placed, which are often used in the offices of ordinary employees or general meeting rooms; among them, the partition with a height of about 1200mm is the basic work room, and lockers can be added to the top of the partition; office It not only pays attention to efficiency, but also pays more attention to the use of space. It needs not only closed and semi-closed private work rooms and meeting rooms, but also open areas to facilitate information exchange. The cut-off height of the work room or meeting room is 1800mm or above. This kind of highly enclosed space has very flexible storage methods. It is often used as an office for employees with high positions in the company, and the meeting room is often used for confidentiality. Higher level meetings.

In office space design, this kind of partition is used less. 3. The characteristics of double glass louver partition in office decoration Features of double glass louver partition 1. The double-glass louver partition uses double-sided tempered glass, which is stable, high-strength, and safe. The style is stylish and elegant, and the atmosphere is high-grade, highlighting the corporate image. 2. There are two widths of glass louver blades: 16mm and 25mm. The glass partition is double-sealed, and the sound insulation and dustproof effect is good. The blades are clean and do not need to be cleaned.

3. The venetian blind system is built in the glass, and it is divided into two control methods: manual and electric. Manually through the knob device to realize the lifting and flipping angle of the venetian blinds for reasonable lighting and sunshade; through the electric remote control, the opening and shading of the venetian blinds can be easily realized, and the flipping angle of the venetian blinds can also be adjusted to achieve indoor lighting. Effect, privacy and light transmittance fusion of glass partitions. Double-glass louver partitions generally use 5mm, 6mm, 8mm double-sided tempered glass, with built-in aluminum alloy venetian blinds.

There are two kinds of partition specifications: 88mm and 100mm. Stock colors are sand grain carbon black, gray, wood grain transfer and sand blast electrophoretic white. With the progress of the times and society, more and more office decorations now choose glass partitions to divide the office area. Among them, the functional effect should be the double glass louver partition.

Let's introduce: the characteristics of the double glass louver partition and the collocation skills of the office partition. 4. What are the organizational forms and requirements for office building space? 1. Open layout: This is a method of arranging a large-depth space. Furniture positions can be arranged geometrically.

2. Single office: This traditional form is mostly seen in narrow and long buildings. On both sides of a corridor, many small rooms are connected, and service facilities are set along the periphery of the room. These rooms are dominated by natural lighting and supplemented by artificial lighting. The size varies, but accommodates fewer people. 3. Landscape office: This also belongs to the category of open layout. Characterized by the nature of a random design, the environment is completely controlled by humans, and the design of work positions reflects the structure and working methods of this organization.

Screens, plants, and storage furniture can be used to route activities, define boundaries, and differentiate work groups. Group office. This type is suitable for medium offices that accommodate less than 20 staff.

In order to facilitate the arrangement of furniture, the depth of the room needs to be slightly larger.

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