What precautions should be taken in hotel furniture structure design?


The matching design of hotel furniture and the indoor environment needs to directly consider the harmony between indoor functions and the environment. In addition, according to the different star requirements and standards, the style requirements are different. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture, etc.

Hotel furniture is more damaged than civilian furniture, and the level of customers is different, and the concept of furniture care is also inconsistent, so the material requirements are very different: 1. Hotel furniture is suitable for high hardness, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant finishes. For furniture, guest room tea tables, writing desks, etc., guests often smoke here, and the surface of the furniture will be scalded if they are not careful. In the design, try to consider the fire resistance of the countertops, and use decorative materials or glass with fire resistance properties. 2. The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of hotel furniture is better; while most of the hotel bathrooms are with the guest rooms, affected by wet towels, steam, seasonal changes, etc., it will cause furniture deformation, edge sealing off, mildew, etc., affecting the appearance of the furniture and destroying the hotel. The image of the hotel directly affects the occupancy rate of the hotel. Matters needing attention in hotel furniture design 1. Appearance quality Appearance quality first requires that the furniture table top is flat, the workmanship is fine, the decoration is delicate, and the texture is clear and beautiful.

Guest room furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminated board, etc. as the base material, and veneer, wood veneer, and plywood as the cladding material. It is not recommended that the structural characteristics of the cladding materials on the back and front of the panel must be the same or similar. The moisture content of the base material is generally required to be 6~10%, and the selected materials should be from the same batch as possible. In workshop processing, shorten the time of loading and pressing as much as possible, different material properties, different moisture content of cladding materials, pay attention to different glue thickness, pressing time and pressure.

2. Structural strength Most of the guest room furniture is fixed furniture, and the general structural panel is the main type. Wood screws, hardware connectors and adhesives are used as the joining method. When using materials, attention should be paid to different material properties, such as particle board and medium density board, which have poor nail holding power, and should not be used in parts that require frequent activities or strong nail holding power, such as door hinge screw parts, drawer bottom rails The screw part is easy to loosen and produce sound. Special attention should be paid to the hardware pendants on the bed screen and mirror frame wall or replaced with wood for reinforcement. At present, the 45-degree upside-down structure of wooden squares is popular.

3. Material cost Use low-cost materials as much as possible while meeting the requirements for use, pay attention to the use of the same small piece of material while using large surface materials, and comprehensively improve the utilization rate of the board. Generally, the quantity of guest room furniture is relatively large. Computers should be used as much as possible to arrange materials reasonably, and large and small pieces of materials should be comprehensively utilized to reduce material costs. Different structures, pay attention to the comparison of material costs.

4. Efficient production With the same material cost, which material is easy to process, which process can save process cost and improve efficiency, especially in end milling, engraving and engraving processes, which material is easy to process and cut, and easy to be smooth and tidy. 5. Transportation and installation The floors of hotels are generally high, requiring light weight furniture for easy transportation. In particular, some one-piece bed backs and some extended desks cannot be transported by elevators, and freight elevators are generally dismantled during furniture installation. How to transport them safely requires special consideration in terms of material weight and structure.

6. Safety performance Hotel furniture Generally, hotels do not have clear regulations on the amount of free formaldehyde, but there are furniture fire protection requirements, and certain parts can use fireproof boards, anti-scald paint, flame-retardant fabrics, etc. if the hotel allows it. Upscale hotels even require that the wood used to make their furniture be fire-resistant.

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