Engineering Cases In Dubai.Xusheng Office Furniture

Product Designer: Jones Chou

Location: Dubai Project: 2020 World Expo


September 25, 2019  Place an order

November 18, 2019   delivery

Purchasing object: MOBILIA

Manufacturer/Brand: Xusheng

Purchase amount: more than 320,000 US dollars

Purchase content: Engineering project-office furniture customization

9850+ seats Partitions

200+ seats break room table and chairs

105+ seats office furniture set

64 seats conference table and chairs

65 seats reception furniture set



MOBILIA Office Furniture Company is a division of MOBILIA Furniture Group, which was established in Dubai IN 2006.The founders of MOBILIA are Australian and Chinese manufacturers. They have more than 30 years of professional experience in sofas, office furniture, hardwood wood furniture and kitchens, which gives them a unique understanding and understanding of achieving customer satisfaction.


Project background:MOBILIA has 18 years of experience in selling office furniture sets in Dubai,not only selling administrative office furniture,but also designing office interior designs for customers.Committed to creating a world-class furniture brand, in addition to production,MOBILIA also has excellent international procurement resources from central and eastern Europe to the far east, and is assembled locally in the use to meet tight deadlines or increase the demand for office furniture and sofas at the last minute.After receiving the project of the Dubai world Expo in 2019, MOBILIA, based on its many years of sales experience,began to purchase the furniture needed by the organizing committee of the world Expo through office design drawings,and found our Xusheng furniture company.


Design inspiration:

Jones Chou based on the project office design drawings sent by the buyer, considering that this is an environmentally friendly and efficient modern office furniture with modern technology, it must not only be designed with modern technology, but also practical, environmentally friendly and removable.In such a venue, it is also necessary to move freely or because the demand is fixed in a certain place, so that users can make their own adjustments according to their own needs.With the deepening of communication with customers, we realized that this time we not only need a lot of technological accessories, but also need flexible combinations.Combined with the main theme of this event is: “Communicate ideas and create the future”, the sub-theme is: “Opportunity, sustainability, mobility”.Therefore, we decided to create a series of flexible, convenient and sustainable environmentally friendly office furniture sets.



Partitions: The traditional partition board is equipped with adjustment feet. According to Jones Chou's design, Xusheng Furniture may be designed as a movable or deform able structure, and the adjustment feet are replaced with movable universal wheels, in order to make it very convenient for buyers to move it.It is convenient to quickly re-configure the layout of the venue according to different exhibition needs.


Break room table and chairs: The design of tables and chairs in the lounge pays more attention to innovation, comfort and sustainability, reflecting the cultural characteristics of each participating country and the theme of the exhibition.For example, the German pavilion adopts a sustainable design method that combines the intelligent use of the local climate. This design concept is likely to extend to the furniture design of the rest area, which means that environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving technologies or ergonomic designs may be used.


Office furniture set: The design of the desk may incorporate modern technological elements, such as the use of smart wireless charging cable boxes, which can be charged daily without affecting the cleanliness and use of the desktop.The hardware accessories of the office desk and chair set are made of recyclable or biodegradable materials to reduce environmental impact.Given that the World Expo is a platform for global cultural exchanges, desk design may incorporate cultural elements from various countries and reflect the characteristics of different countries through patterns, colors or materials.


Buyer feedback:
The person in charge of procurement at MOBILIA said: “After careful evaluation and use, we are very happy to confirm that all the products purchased from Xusheng furniture in this project not only meet our expected requirements,but also exceed our standards in terms of quality,performance and service.We are extremely satisfied with this.”

Buyer recommendation:
Xusheng ONLY Series products If you are interested in our products, you can contact me at any time, thank you.

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