How to decorate office table

February 10, 2023

How to decorate your own desk, I believe that all your friends, like me, look forward to having a separate desk of their own before going to work.However, after you really own it, you often have a mess on your desktop because of your work and habits. Documents and office appliances can be seen everywhere.How to plan our own desk has also become a proposition in our daily lives, so creating a refined and tidy desk system can not only make our work more efficient, but also greatly improve our work happiness index.As for how to build it, I will give you a reference below.

The first is to understand your own public office needs. Most of the furnishings in the design of the work station are for aesthetics. They often make some flashy decorations to decorate their work station. In the end, because of work, I slowly feel that this item often needs to be used with other things. Use it.That's because we haven't figured out our real needs yet. If we want to know our real office needs, we have to sort out our own workflow, and set the list of desktop items and their discharge location according to our actual work needs and habits.Nowadays, it is difficult for the desks on the market to meet the specific needs of each occupation and each station, so at this time, the benefits of customized desks can be better realized.

1. The wire problem of desktop electronic products

For example, we basically use computers, telephones, faxes, printers and other electronic equipment to work in the office (studio), so they need to be powered on.It is obviously inappropriate to use the traditional plug-in arrangement in the past, which not only makes the wires on the desktop staggered, causing the desktop to be untidy, but also prone to fire or other problems.If we want to ensure the cleanliness of the desktop, we can use the wiring box or wiring trough to solve such problems according to our own work needs. It can also effectively avoid unnecessary situations and facilitate our office.

2. Folder


I believe that doing any office work is inseparable from the collation of various documents and materials, large and small, and of course it is inseparable from the stacking of folders.I have purchased some folder storage boxes similar to the one in Figure 1 before. At first, it did help to store some files, because there are different colors and types to distinguish various types of files, so the storage box can no longer satisfy us.Multiple file storage boxes will affect our normal office to a certain extent. General file cabinets cannot meet the size of our folders. Forced storage will cause the files to deform and affect the use.If the side cabinet or movable cabinet of the desk can be directly stored, it will perfectly solve the problem of folder storage.

3. Electrical plugs and radio fast charging


With the changes of the times, our electrical appliances have also become diverse.For example, if you want to have a cup of coffee or charge a mobile phone or other electronic device while working, if you remove the normal office power strip plug, these additional electrical appliances will not be enough for plug-in use.Then we need additional access wires, which in turn will affect the cleanliness and use area of the desktop.If these charging designs are designed in advance, they will greatly meet our needs for them.

4. Stationery

All kinds of stationery are the main office tools we often use, such as: Pens, utility knives, glue, rulers, folders, post-it notes, etc."Sometimes we also buy a pen holder or other stationery storage box to collect them together, but in order to facilitate access, we still place them on the desktop, so that they will inevitably be touched during the office process, causing them to be scattered out.If you can fix the stationery storage box in a place that is easy to access and does not affect the office, you can perfectly solve this kind of problem. The appearance of the hanging board will solve this problem for everyone.

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