How to choose office furniture?(Part 2)

December 12, 2022
How to choose office furniture?(Part 2)

With more and more buyers buying office furniture now, it is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to choose how to choose office furniture, especially as current workers work in the office longer than they stay at home, office space will become particularly important at this time.Not only are we exposed to all kinds of office supplies, but the most exposed thing is actually office furniture. If the office furniture is not selected well, it will not only be the lack of office experience, but also affect our work efficiency. It will also be reduced, and if it is more serious, it will also cause harm to our body.So the question arises, how to choose qualified high-quality office furniture, now I will share with you the selection method.

First of all, when we choose furniture products, we need to understand the source manufacturer of the furniture brand.Mainly understand a few points:

1. Brand background

When choosing a product, you need to understand the strength background of the product production company, for example: production origin, company scale, factory scale, sales scale, main market share, etc., Like our Xusheng Furniture Co., Ltd. is a source custom wholesale manufacturer with 15 years of independent research and development and production experience. Very rich.It has a professional team of R&D, design, production and foreign trade. The factory covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, and its products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.The proportion of new and old customers is 4:1.Mainly customized production of desks, office chairs, and supporting office furniture, mainly undertaking: distributors, traders, engineering projects and other business.

2. Submit inspection certificate

The certification of the product certificate is one of the links we care about most, and it is the most direct and beneficial indication of whether the product is good or bad.If you want to know whether a product is qualified and whether the product material meets the environmental protection requirements, you need the support of a product testing certificate for these.

3. Actual sales cases

For a good product, a furniture manufacturer with 15 years of research and development and production needs to better understand it. Many problems can be seen from his sales channels, his market share, and its success stories.Because everyone can see what the corporate projects it has done, which well-known companies it has configured furniture for, or what export experience it has.What is the buyer's evaluation of the company's products?

4. After-sales service

For office furniture, per-sales service is very critical to introduce buyers, but after-sales is more critical to “escort” the product to the buyer.From the design and proofing of the product to the confirmation of production and then mass production, and the final packaging and transportation, all links determine the effect of the final product.Good manufacturers will control and monitor every link in real time, and will take the initiative to send production videos and real-time production data to buyers from time to time. Product quality, transportation and installation are also controlled at all levels.I am responsible for any problems with the product leaving the factory, and I am responsible for the quality of the product itself after leaving the factory. If other factors cause the product to be damaged, we will also actively cooperate with the face price to deal with the product problem as soon as possible to ensure that buyers can rest assured that they can sell and use it.

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