How to arrange stylish office furniture


As office furniture for people's work, the placement of office furniture has a certain degree of attention, so how to place office furniture? Be careful not to put the desk facing the door, and pay attention to the person sitting behind the desk should have a wall or something to rely on, so before understanding the placement of the desk, see what the desks of different materials have Advantage. 1. A streamlined desk surface creates a more natural appearance and reduces the possibility of sharp, swirling auras in corners. 2. The spacious office space on the large desk will make people feel able to accept more work without feeling stressed.

In the long run. It can make people ambitious. Keeping the desktop clean and bright, and the locker layout organized can help people work.

3. The solid wood desk is conducive to the free flow of the gas field, but the table made of wood chips or wood chips may block the flow of the gas field. The table of plastic material also has similar phenomenon. 4. Dark wood will be more masculine and easy to create a serious and formal office environment.

The light cork is more feminine and will bring a more relaxed feeling to your aura. 5. The glass plate on the public desk will accelerate the flow of the air field on the surface, allowing people to work here more spontaneously. However, its more masculine finish isn't a good choice for someone looking to spend long hours at a desk.

So what are the requirements for placement? 1. Desk There is a thick wall behind the desk, and there is a window on the left. Through the window, there is a beautiful scenery. The scenery is beautiful, the lighting is good, and the ventilation is suitable. The quality of the desk should not be expensive or luxurious. The light should be coordinated in depth, and the desk should not face the door directly; the right side of the desk should not be against the wall, and the left side should be against the wall; the desk seat should not be too small, it should be moderate; 2. Computer The computer should be placed on the left side of the desk facing the computer when the person is standing in front of the seat. According to Feng Shui, it means "dragons are afraid of smells, tigers are afraid of moving". The left side is auspicious. It is appropriate to put the computer, and the computer is the energy of wealth. However, sitting in front of the computer for a long time will always cause physical problems such as back pain and so on.

The solution is to put a crystal pillar or Tai Chi stone in front of the computer to defuse the health threats caused by computer radiation. 3. Hanging ornaments The hanging decorations in the office, on the one hand, increase the appearance, and on the other hand, improve the feng shui, so as to obtain a good feng shui that seeks good luck and avoids bad luck, but be careful not to place them randomly. Generally speaking, large-scale potted plants such as evergreens should be placed in the offices of civil servants and government officials, which can bring a thriving atmosphere. Some people like to hang Chinese paintings in an arty way. identity.

Stone carving is also a popular decoration for many people, but except for stone shops, art galleries, and gardening, it is really not allowed to use strange stones as indoor decorations, especially stones of unknown origin. 4. Metal Products Nowadays, iron cabinets, metal desks, fax machines, photocopiers and other business machines are popularly used in enterprises, so that there are many indoor metal products. In fact, this is an office decoration that does not meet the health requirements.

Because metal products are easy to conduct electricity and induce magnetic fields, the indoor magnetic field is messy, which is easy to interfere with brain waves, resulting in physical discomfort and unfavorable decision-making. Therefore, wooden desks should be used in the office, and all wooden products are used in the boss's office. The style is not only elegant, but also beneficial to health. There should also be no large electrical equipment near the decision maker's seat, such as large refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. The magnetic fields generated by these electrical appliances have a great impact on the human body.


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