Modern hotel furniture design concept and daily cleaning introduction


Hotel furniture design has two meanings: one is its practicality and comfort. In interior design, furniture is closely related to various activities of people, and the design concept of "people-oriented" should be reflected everywhere; the second is its decoration. Modern hotel furniture design has two main characteristics, which can also be said to be the pursuit and concept of two different levels: First, practicality and comfort in modern hotel furniture design are similar to villa furniture design. Activities are closely related, and the design concept of "people-oriented" must be reflected everywhere, that is, it is used for people and is convenient for people. This is practicality. For example, some hotel desks are beautifully designed and can be used as a dressing table. Or consider it from an artistic point of view , reflecting the versatility, another example, the wardrobe in the guest room can also be pushed and folded to become a small bar.

Starting from the design process, it is also necessary to show a sense of hierarchy and angle, so as to maximize the intersection and integration of indoor and outdoor environments, and present a harmonious overall, loose comfort, without making people restrained or depressed. For example, rational use of stainless steel grids, stainless steel screens, wall mirrors, etc. in a limited space to enhance the sense of space. Second, artistic and decorative furniture is the main role to reflect the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect. The placement and display layout of hotel furniture will also make people feel convenient and comfortable, and can also give people an aesthetic sense. Some people put a good modern Furniture design is likened to an egg, because an egg is a whole no matter from which angle it is viewed. It is simple yet rich in variety, simple yet aesthetically pleasing, and makes people feel happy and enjoyable. Most of the layout of modern hotel furniture has started from the simple design style. Therefore, we will see that the color matching of hotel furniture is more particular. This is also a relatively new decoration method. For example, lighting design is one of its important components. Modern hotel lighting is mostly soft and warm light. Reasonable lighting layout can render the hotel's spatial atmosphere and create warmth.

Daily Cleaning of Hotel Furniture Because of the people coming and going in the hotel, hotel cleaning staff often encounter hotel furniture with various stains, which are difficult to clean. At present, there are more and more cleaning agents of all kinds on the market, and the classification is becoming more and more detailed. Of course, the price is not low either. In fact, many stains can be cleaned with clever use of the things at hand.

1. Residual tea and white vinegar to remove ink on wooden hotel furniture Residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent. After wiping the residual tea on the oil stains on the wooden hotel furniture, spray a small amount of corn flour to wipe it off, and finally wipe off the corn flour. The corn flour can absorb all the dirt adsorbed on the surface of the furniture and make the paint surface smooth and bright. You can also use a solution of one part water plus two parts white vinegar, and use a sponge dipped in the mixture to wipe off the ink stains on the wooden furniture, then wash and dry the hotel furniture.

2. The iron can easily remove the watermark on the hotel furniture. If the hotel furniture is dripped with water and not wiped off in time, after a period of time, the water will penetrate into the gaps of the paint film and accumulate, which will cause a kind of watermark to appear on the paint film. In this case, just cover the water mark with a clean damp cloth, and then carefully press the wet cloth with an iron, so that the water accumulated in the water mark will be evaporated, and the water mark will disappear. 3. Toothpaste or egg yolk can whiten the yellowed white hotel furniture The white paint on the surface of hotel furniture will turn yellow over time.

You can wipe it with a rag dipped in toothpaste, be careful not to use too much force; you can also stir the two egg yolks, apply it to the yellowed area with a soft brush, and wipe it carefully with a soft cloth after drying Avoid long-term direct sunlight for hotel furniture during use).

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