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Home office furniture generally includes front desk, screen card position (staff desk), executive desk (boss desk), manager, supervisor desk, office chairs (executive chairs, conference chairs, negotiation chairs, boss chairs, employee chairs), office Sofa, conference table, file cabinet, VIP sofa, leisure sofa, tea cabinet, coffee table, training table, training chair, upper floor (partition floor), steel products (steel file cabinet, etc.), lifting table, etc. All supporting furniture used by home office furniture manufacturers can be divided into two types, one is the main part and the other is the auxiliary part type. The main home office furniture includes desks and chairs. As home office furniture that is frequently used in the office, it not only occupies a large area, but also is the main body of the work platform. There is also a movable cabinet that matches the desk, which is a small cabinet with wheels at the bottom, which can be freely moved under the table.

Some desks are also equipped with side cabinets, which are placed on one side of the desk to form an L-shaped angle. The side cabinets are for more storage needs, and the individual is usually about the same size as the desk. In addition to the main office desks and chairs, there are also some auxiliary small furniture, so the auxiliary accessories for home office furniture include bookshelves, filing cabinets, low cabinets, tea cabinets, etc., which are necessary in the office. Configuration, also belong to home office furniture supporting facilities. In a modern office environment, home office furniture may include more than the above. The popularity of personalized office methods such as open office and home office has enriched the types of home office furniture in the space.

In some large enterprises, the leisure area coexists with the office area. In addition to providing rest, the leisure area can also be used for office work, especially for creative workers. It is the first step to buy a home with a certain knowledge of home office furniture purchase, and it is especially important for those who are purchasing office products for the first time. Let's start with the understanding of the basic knowledge of home office furniture purchase.

1. Coordination with the indoor background If your office has been decorated, when purchasing furniture, you should consider that the color of the furniture can be coordinated with the background of the room, and take the color and lighting of the indoor background as the main matching direction. For example, if the background color is heavy, generally speaking, it is not suitable to choose furniture with dark colors, because furniture with dark colors will appear heavier in a space with heavy background colors, and will absorb light, forming a heavy and dark indoor atmosphere. In addition, if the color of the furniture is too strong, it is easy to produce a tired visual effect. Therefore, in general, it is more appropriate to choose a harmonious color.

However, such a statement is not suitable for all people, because some people prefer to pursue the effect of strong contrast and visual stimulation. 2. Coordination with floor materials Wooden furniture will increase the cold atmosphere in the room. You can choose wooden furniture to reconcile it, and add carpets in the room to alleviate the cold and hard feeling. 3. Coordination with the interior design and decoration of the office. The shape, color, function, texture, hardware and other mutual factors of the home office furniture can be coordinated with the interior design or home decoration, lighting, etc. to form a coherent echo and complement each other. The overall interior space effect .

4. Coordinating the size, quality and function of furniture with the size of the office In addition to matching the overall office in terms of color and shape, home office furniture should also be considered in terms of size, quality and function. If you have a wide office space, it is easy to choose larger-sized furniture, but if the space is limited, it is not advisable to choose large-sized furniture, otherwise it may make the space appear congested, so the appropriate ratio is also very important. In addition, the quality of the furniture and whether the functions are reasonable or not should also be carefully checked, especially when buying leather furniture.

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