What aspects should be paid attention to in the overall office furniture configuration


Desks, office chairs, file cabinets, sofas, conference tables, etc. are all part of office furniture, with different functions combined to form a complete office space. In order to take into account the layout, image, comfort, and style of the office space, what aspects should be paid attention to when configuring the overall office furniture? 1. Ingenious collocation of styles The style of office furniture should be integrated with the overall style of the office space. The combination of office furniture and space constitutes the overall decoration style. Therefore, what kind of space style you want, you need to have corresponding office furniture. These styles It can be reflected in the appearance and structure of office furniture. 2. Reasonable collocation of office furniture Customization of office furniture can maximize the rational use of space. Different office furniture should be placed in an orderly manner. It is necessary to customize various office furniture with corresponding functions and sizes according to the size of the space and the required functions. , in order to achieve the effect of an office system with clear organization, appropriate functions and smooth space.

3. The decoration effect and application effect should reach a balance Office furniture has a decorative effect. Like other interior decoration, it is responsible for the adjustment of the space style. The modern office environment attaches great importance to this effect of office furniture, but when customizing office furniture, attention should be paid to the decorative effect and the office furniture itself. In terms of functional balance, one cannot favor one over another. The selected office furniture meets the needs of the overall environment, and regards office furniture as a part of the overall environment. The overall office furniture configuration depends on the tastes and hobbies of the owner, just like the special hobbies and styles of different ethnic groups.

But it is important to follow the principle of coordinated selection of office furniture. It is not appropriate to put office furniture of different styles in the same whole.

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