Engineering Cases In Kuwait.Xusheng Office Furniture

Product Designer: Jones Chou

Location: Kuwait

Area: 6800 square meters

Year: 2021

Client: Kuwait OIL Company New Ahmadi Building 

Manufacturer/Brand: Xusheng

Content: Engineering project—Customized 236 pieces of public furniture WORKSTAIONS 2400X2400X1800H

Purchase amount: 220,000 USD PLUS



In response to the needs of Kuwait Petroleum Company, 236 pieces of office furniture sets were customized for the newly built OIL Company New Ahmadi Building staff workstations.According to the needs of buyers, Jones Chou designed an independent office partition space, which needs to give executive office furniture sets to improve its privacy and relatively quiet working environment.And Xusheng's furniture is not only a kind of scientific and healthy furniture, but also helps employees improve their learning and work efficiency.


The layout of the new Ahmadi environment is still good. First of all, in order to take into account the working environment of employees, the traditional open office desk and chair set workstation has been changed into an office partition room, just to create a better working atmosphere and space comfort.This time, the single area of the office partition needs to be larger than in the past.It is to make employees not look so stuffy when they are working. The layout is large and the work is comfortable. It will also make them happy and bring some happiness to their daily lives.


The new office must have privacy and sound insulation. This is a very important aspect. You can also have a meeting in your own workplace at any time, or explain on a whiteboard or hang a drawing paper.If you use the previous open collaboration space, it may make the work area noisy and disordered, so try to avoid open workstations this time.If you need any place to be used by any team, you can't limit the location of each worker. They can sit in one area or another to discuss their own plans without affecting other groups. This is a more important design point.



Mobile collaboration, independent sound insulation:

In order to better communicate and exchange ideas, the table countertop s and partitions are fixed together through brackets and connectors. While the load-bearing properties of such countertop s are better, the use of some additional plates is reduced, and the use area of the partition is larger.At the same time, in order to prevent the power supply line from taking up unnecessary space on the desktop, the designer used the design of the wiring slot under the table, so that it is safe and will not affect the cleanliness of the desktop because of the line.


Sound insulation effect:

The dual design of polyester fiber soundproof cotton and mesh is adopted.Make the sound insulation effect better, both private and independent, and will not affect other people's work because of mutual communication.


Mobile collaboration:

According to the buyer's description, the designer added a whiteboard and pin board to the screen board.It is convenient to quickly record and share your own information during small-scale discussions, so that you can save time when discussing proposals.At the same time, the wall cabinet with the upturn door is also carefully designed, and the door panel is designed to open upwards, saving space and facilitating the storage and access of documents and materials.


Movable cabinet design:

The traditional three-drawer cabinet is integrated with the table and cabinet, but now in order to make room, it is more convenient and flexible to move.The original three-drawer filing cabinet was changed to an active three-drawer cabinet.This way you can place it wherever you want, and the wheels can be easily removed.Install the wheels when you want to move, and remove the wheels if you don't want to move.It is more flexible and more suitable for maneuvering.

The artistry of multifunctional furniture:

Through colorful creativity and innovation; and technology equipped with state-of-the-art connections and digital tools, it plays a key role in the design. In the design, the designer's philosophy is to make communication far beyond the space itself. The cooperation of conference facilities and flexible office furniture functions makes you more handy in the process of working, and the discussion with the team members is more harmonious and seamless.


Commitment to environmental protection and sustainability:

Another focus is environmental protection. We use EI-grade melamine board as the main raw material. It not only has no odor, but also does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It can also be used sustainably. It is achieved through low-emission materials and finishes to ensure minimal impact on the environment and energy-saving technologies, and has obtained certification from professional inspection agencies.


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