Engineering Cases In Tonga.Xusheng Office Furniture

Product Designer: Jones Chou

Location: Tonga

Area: 580 square meters

Year: 2021

Customer: Tonga Power/Gas/Water Limited

Manufacturer/Brand: Xusheng

Content: Engineering project—two floors, customized office furniture for the whole house

283 seats staff table

28 seats manager table

2 pieces of 26-seater conference table

8-piece coffee table

28-piece dining table for 6 people

80-piece low file cabinet

56-piece high file cabinet

56 pieces of 5-layer display cabinet

311 pieces of three-drawer movable cabinet

430 office chairs

30-piece high office chair

170 dining tables and chairs


Purchase amount: 328,000USDUSD PLUS


Purchasing object: Tonga Power/Gas/Water Limited

According to the needs of Tonga Power/Gas/Water Limited, all office furniture sets for the entire office space were customized for their new office building.This office building is mainly divided into personal work spaces, as well as communication areas. Communication between teams and beneficiaries of the plan is essential here.This is not only the office area, but also the location for receiving the masses, so the design of the office area must be convenient for both office and reception.

Jones Chou initially planned all the office furniture through the engineering design drawings provided by the buyer, including: modern office furniture sets, meeting room table and chairs, executive office furniture sets, break room tables and chairs, staff dining room tables and chairs, round office table and chairs, etc.The environmental layout of Tonga Power/Gas/Water Limited is divided into staff areas, administrative districts, conference areas, reception areas, rest areas, logistics areas, etc.Through the dimensional drawings marked by field measurements, Jones Chou designed all products and layout assignments according to the actual dimensions.


The administrative office hall of Tonga Power/Gas/Water Limited is designed to be a partition-style office area, so that the main purpose is to partition the office and better handle the company's various businesses.The spatial layout of the project pays attention to lighting and smooth circulation, giving priority to the use of light-colored and modern materials to create a vibrant modern image, reflecting the company's ability to do things and serve.Jones Chou adapts to new uses through flexible furniture design, respects the environment, and puts health and flexibility first.

In addition, Jones Chou also designed different areas according to the different working methods of the team.The desks of different workstations are distinguished by different colors, and they are also equipped with three-drawer movable filing cabinets.The plate on the front is designed as a needle plate material, so that it is convenient to pin the information in front of you and deal with the problem in a timely manner.

Employee workstations: According to the young and dynamic characteristics of the company, the operating positions use open spaces and are distributed in multiple areas to ensure the safety and comfort of employees.The first area adopts a C30 partition desk and is equipped with XS series office chairs; the second area adopts a C60 modular system and a whiteboard rotating panel, which can separate the space and provide better sound insulation, thereby improving privacy.

Conference room table and chairs: mainly according to the purpose of reception and meetings, as well as the number of people using different sizes of meeting rooms.It allows staff to enjoy different degrees of privacy in the same space.In the main conference room, there are customized heavy-duty 26-person heavy-duty conference tables, which are dedicated to multi-person meetings, and enough power cord boxes are reserved.In the reception room, the C60 type consultation partition is dedicated to small meetings and can accommodate two people. It can be used for personal work and small meetings of 2-3 people to ensure the sound insulation and comfort of the entire team.This design makes full use of large spaces and flexible solutions for small spaces. The space can be used without structural changes, making full use of all the space and bringing maximum benefits to the people who use the space.

Executive office furniture sets: Since this is an independent office, there are more documents and archives, so according to the work requirements of administrative staff, the designer designed the file cabinet function for the heavy-duty desk counter of Xusheng furniture, and also equipped it with a three-drawer movable cabinet with the function of hanging folders.Because the administrative offices are distributed in different areas, the side desks of the desks are designed to be movable.It is no longer a conventional all-in-one, which is more convenient for office and layout needs.The heavy desk is matched with the BaoKuan series of office chairs.Simplicity and comfort, quiet and convenient are the main design concepts of administrative offices, so when designing, they are mainly designed based on office needs and functions.

Jones Chou designed different areas according to the different working methods of the team.Some areas can stand and work, equipped with wall-mounted or mobile whiteboards and high-legged tables, with stools on the high-legged tables to encourage workers to move around and meet; some areas are more private and warm, where workers can be isolated from the world, talk on the phone or disconnect.

In order to create an efficient office space, we have taken some specific measures, such as configuring a desktop line box for each station to make the desktop clean and convenient for office.Due to limited space, we changed the three-drawer file cabinet to a three-drawer movable cabinet, and designed a silent freighter, which is more convenient and flexible, and added the function of hanging folders to the file cabinet.


Mr.Steven Esau said to us with satisfaction: "Xusheng Furniture has realized our plan beyond expectations. The employees told us that they feel very comfortable because it is quiet and the office provides them with spaces and areas suitable for different times and needs of the day.”

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