Engineering Cases In New York, USA.Xusheng Office Furniture

Product Designer: Jones Chou

Location: United States.New York

Area: 6.800 square meters


Place an order in October 2018

Delivery in December 2018

Purchasing object: Sioni Group

Manufacturer/Brand: Xusheng

Purchase amount: 120,000USDUSD PLUS

Purchase content: engineering project-16 floors, customized office furniture for the whole house

21 seats 6-seater workstations

80 piece Benching System

130 pieces Ergonomic Chairs

45 pieces Office tables

31 pieces Telephone Booth



Buyer target:

Sioni Group has 25 years of experience in designing office buildings and litigation apartments in the United States. It is a company with outstanding achievements in the field of designing office buildings and litigation apartments. It is committed to creating a luxurious, efficient and environmentally friendly office space.The purpose of this purchase is to configure top-of-the-line office furniture for the new office location in New York to meet the needs of a high-standard office environment, strengthen the corporate image, and reflect the commitment to environmental protection.


Sioni Group's purchase of office furniture this time is for the newly opened office building in New York, in order to actively respond to customer needs and solve any service problems that may arise in a timely and effective manner.The demand for the office environment is the need to facilitate the office, and customer plans can be discussed at any time.As a leader in design and decoration, Sioni Group Company must not only experience our group's corporate culture for the design of its own office building, but also achieve a low-carbon and environmentally friendly office environment. It is also essential.Not only should it be simple and generous, but also modern and fashionable.




Collaborative power

Jones Chou's design philosophy and strategy:

1. Integration of corporate culture: The design plan will be deeply integrated into the corporate culture of Sioni Group, show the brand spirit and values through customized furniture, and create a unified and harmonious office atmosphere.

2. Green office: adhere to the selection of sustainable materials and the use of energy-saving technologies, such as smart wireless charging boxes and adjustment systems, to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve a low-carbon and environmentally friendly office environment.

3. Flexibility and collaboration: Taking into account the importance of efficient communication and team writing, the design will fully consider the layout of the open space, equipped with movable partitions and multi-function conference tables and chairs, which are easy to quickly adjust and adapt to meetings of different sizes for discussion.

4. Health and comfort: pay attention to the health of employees, introduce ergonomic design concepts, and provide ergonomic office chairs and workstations to reduce work fatigue and improve work efficiency.


Product selection and configuration:


Reception area: A combination of sofas and coffee tables with a strong sense of modernity and simple lines is selected to create a warm and comfortable reception environment. At the same time, it is equipped with energy-saving lamps and lanterns to showcase the company's environmental protection concept.


Office area: equipped with an administrative desk set with adjustable height, a steel-wood structure LEQI series L administrative desk and ergonomic desk office chairs to create a healthy and efficient office space.The office partition adopts sound-absorbing materials to reduce noise interference and improve concentration.


Meeting room: The LEQI series of customized multi-person conference tables are used, which can flexibly provide power as needed.


Leisure area: Set up green plants and leisure sofas to provide employees with a space to relax, while enhancing indoor air quality, relieving eye fatigue, and also reflecting the concept of green office.


Implementation plan and follow-up services:


Customized design: Work closely with Sioni Group to gain an in-depth understanding of specific needs.Jones Chou based on the design drawings provided, made a tailor-made design and used 3D rendering technology to give the overall office effect of the office building.After proofing and testing the product, Xusheng put it into mass production.


Professional installation and commissioning: Xusheng provides professional installation drawings, even novices who have never been exposed to assembling furniture can easily assemble a complete set of office furniture sets, and ensure that every link is accurate. Correct.


Long-term maintenance and after-sales: Provide comprehensive after-sales maintenance services, including daily maintenance and fault repair, to ensure that office furniture is always in the best condition.


Mr., head of procurement, Sioni Group Jack said: "We are a professional design company, and the quality requirements for office furniture are also extremely high.In the process of cooperating with Xusheng Furniture, we were very satisfied with their performance and strength.Not only is the product quality high, but the service is also very professional. I think we will continue to cooperate next time we have the opportunity.”

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