Have you done the right maintenance of office furniture that you need to pay attention to?

March 10, 2023

Office furniture is the most common facility in the company's daily work environment. The office environment created by good office furniture can increase the work efficiency and comfort of employees, and at the same time, it can also enhance the company's image. However, without proper maintenance measures, these office furniture are prone to wear, damage and pollution. As long as you do the following daily maintenance, the office furniture can not only look bright as new, but also extend the service life of the furniture.

1. Pay attention to taking it lightly during transportation and handling

When packing, handling, and transporting, office furniture needs to be completely lifted and cannot be dragged or squeezed. When placing, keep it steady. If the ground is uneven, first tidy up the ground or put soft cushions on it, so that you can take it lightly and reduce the rubbing of the product. The neat and stable placement of office furniture not only has a great impact on the customer experience, but it may also cause the office furniture to wear out, the metal frame to deform, or the protective layer to fall off, reducing the service life of the office furniture. If the loading, unloading and placement are uneven, first of all, the visual effect is not good, and it will also affect our normal work; secondly, it is also very serious. It can easily cause office furniture to shake and loose, which not only reduces the favor ability of the use of office furniture, but also causes excessive wear and tear of office furniture and reduces the service life. In addition to providing more exquisite and practical hardware accessories, Guangzhou Xusheng office furniture can also be assembled or disassembled according to buyer requirements. Whether it is assembly or assembly, it will first go through reasonable digital cabinet loading. Now the cabinet loading is simulated on the computer. After confirming the cabinet loading process many times, the shipment of the goods will be implemented.



2. Avoid long-term exposure to the sun

Sunlight is one of the most harmful factors in office furniture.Prolonged direct sunlight can cause wood to change color, fabric to fade, metal to become brittle, etc., So we need to adjust the placement of furniture and use shading measures to reduce the impact of sunlight.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof

Moisture is also the number one enemy of office furniture. If the office has a humid environment, its use period will inevitably suffer harm. Even log furniture is afraid of too humid environment, which may cause mildew and corruption of office furniture. Once metal or aluminum alloy office furniture returns to the tide, it is very easy to rust if it is not properly handled, and leather office furniture is also perishable.

4. Common maintenance problems of office desks and chairs

A common way to eliminate dust and surface water stains is to scrub office furniture. Many things need to be paid attention to during maintenance. Try to use pure cotton towels, pure cotton cloth, or velvet cloth to scrub office furniture such as desks, workstations, filing cabinets, etc. Do not use coarse fabrics, because coarse fabrics are likely to leave scratches. It is also not possible to wipe the desktop with a rag soaked in edible alkali and cleaned to prevent glue, adhesive dispersion and corrosion of the paint surface of office furniture, which seriously harms the appearance and application. Don't underestimate this kind of subtle scratches. They can't even be detected by the human eye, but with the changes of time, they will make the surface of office furniture more and more slippery and dim, and no longer bright. The surface of metal furniture often needs to be cleaned and waxed to prevent rust and color change. Wooden furniture needs to be oiled regularly to keep it moist and avoid cracking and distortion.

The above content is all about how to maintain office furniture. There are detailed explanations and introductions on the Guangzhou Xusheng Furniture website. The method of maintaining and maintaining office furniture, whether it is office furniture or home furniture at work, is indispensable. Office desks and office chairs are inseparable from us at work, and office desks and chairs provide us with a better working environment.

In general, the professional maintenance of office furniture requires the use of different methods for different materials, regular cleaning and care, and timely repair and maintenance for potential problems. If it can cooperate with professional maintenance services, it can help corporate customers better maintain the beauty and function of furniture.

If you want to know more about office furniture, you can pay more attention to our Guangzhou Xusheng Furniture website, or you can consult customer service online to learn more!

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