How to reasonably reduce the cost of purchasing office furniture?

March 15, 2023

How to use the limited procurement funds to make the purchased office furniture reasonably reduce the procurement cost? At this time, it is necessary to plan reasonably according to the positioning of the office, and tailor office furniture suitable for our office space. Divide the main and secondary, and buy the necessary tables and chairs first, and the optional furniture can be added and purchased later. When choosing products, don't lower the purchase criteria because of the small budget. Cost-effective office furniture is the first choice!

When we purchase furniture, we all think about how we can better save costs and achieve the most idealized office effect within a limited budget. Therefore, every decision we make is very important. How do we plan the use of our funds? Here are a few points that we need to pay attention to for our Xusheng furniture to introduce to you:

Plan your own procurement needs: if you want to save costs, you can choose customization. The cost of customized wholesale office furniture is much lower than the price of purchasing in furniture shopping malls. Use the wholesale price of furniture to buy cost-effective office products. The first thing you need to know is that you need to know the types of office furniture you need, such as: desks, conference tables, coffee tables, workstations, reception desks, filing cabinets, display racks, office chairs, etc. Then you also need to measure the size of your own office, and design and conceive the floor plan structure style and office furniture layout in the room according to the company's corporate positioning, so that the specifications of the office furniture are consistent with the total area and aspect ratio of the office, so as to avoid office furniture that cannot meet the requirements after being placed. Finally, you want to purchase the material, color, functional requirements of the product, and the quantity of the purchase, etc., to avoid purchasing too much or not enough.




Screening suppliers: select suppliers with good reputation, reliable product quality, new and old customer transactions, overseas market distribution, reasonable prices and certain experience to purchase. Guangzhou Xusheng Furniture Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy source manufacturer of custom furniture. Not only are there professional furniture designers, but also professional after-sales teams to escort buyers. It is mainly to be able to design the office furniture that the buyer wants based on the floor plan paper of the office provided by the buyer, and truly "tailor-made".

Choose the right materials and design: The style of office furniture is best consistent with the corporate culture and the company's industry, so that the overall appearance will be more coordinated, and the staff's office can be better integrated into the corporate atmosphere. Furniture products themselves are not consumables. When purchasing, choose durable, easy-to-clean materials and suitable design styles. All tables, chairs, tables, and cabinets must be parallel and consistent, and they should be stable after discharge. The hardware should be sturdy, and the drawers and cabinet doors should be opened dexterously. To avoid the waste of late replacement and maintenance costs, it is best to have guaranteed after-sales service, even if we really encounter any problems, we can solve our worries in time. 

Office furniture is the embodiment of the image of an enterprise. Low-priced and poor-quality office furniture not only seems to lower the image of the entire company, but also seems that the company is very low-grade. More importantly, it has to be considered that if the quality of office furniture is not good, the use value will be greatly reduced, and its environmental protection will not be guaranteed.


High-quality office furniture is not only meticulous in workmanship, but also reliable in product. It can also reduce the frequency of disassembly and replacement, improve the overall image of the company, and make the entire company more atmospheric. When you walk into the office, the whole person is full of energy. Therefore, the selection of office furniture cannot be settled or perfunctory. You must find a cost-effective source manufacturer of office furniture.

Furniture procurement, customized wholesale and engineering projects, please choose Xusheng furniture, which is trustworthy!


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